Treatment Center Inclusion Policy

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When reviews treatment centers that are included in our content, we do our best to only mention high quality centers that are reputable, professional, and proven for helping people achieve a balanced life in recovery.

How Are Treatment Centers Chosen?

Included treatment centers are selected because of their accreditations, success rates, reputation, and general ability to help those suffering from addiction. Some centers are distinguished on a national level, while others require searching for additional information to ensure quality of care. The list of treatment centers may increase, decrease, or change at any time because wants to establish all treatment centers are trustworthy and reliable.

Treatment Center Reviewal Process

The reviews of treatment centers included on are based on interviews, public information, testimonials of past residents, and original research. The facilities mentioned in any content found on are all located throughout the United States and feature different specialities, staff members, and costs of admission. The ultimate goal of providing these wide-ranging facilities is to offer a variety of accessible options for all in need of help.

Facilities are carefully selected with the following factors in mind:

  • ambience and accommodation
  • available treatments
  • resident experience
  • reviews and testimonials
  • staff experience and qualifications
  • success rates

Treatment Center Information

Any information provided about a treatment center is independently evaluated. These centers are only contacted to verify accuracy of such information. The listed treatment centers will not change or influence reviews, except in the case of factual errors, which we work hard to prevent. All the information gathers and provides is done in the best interest of informing and educating people about addiction treatment.

Treatment Center Updates

To ensure accuracy and up-to-date information, updates all treatment center content on an annual basis. If you notice any information about the treatment center is incorrect or needs an update, please contact us at [email protected] Also contact [email protected] if you wish for us to add a listing to our directory, as operates to inform users of reputable treatment centers.