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Making the decision to go into drug rehab is a difficult choice both for addicted individuals and for their families. It is important to choose the best facility for the individual. is a rehab referral service. Our staff will listen to your story and make recommendations based on your personal needs. Everyone is different, but this article discusses some things to consider when deciding whether an alternative rehab facility is right for your situation.

A Comprehensive Approach

Evidence suggests that recovery is more likely to last when addicted individuals feel empowered and in control of their lives. Often people turn to drugs because they are unable to cope with a deeper life concern. Alternative drug rehab addresses not only the dependency but also the underlying worries one might be facing. Non traditional rehab centers address the whole addiction and get to the underlying issues of why the addiction started in the first place.

Comforting Setting

Home Like Setting-Alternative Drug RehabAlternative rehab facilities are different from traditional rehab facilities in that they offer a homelike, comfortable, residential environment. Because non traditional facilities are designed with many of the amenities of home, the addicted individual can recover in a relaxed environment rather than feeling constrained by a more clinical setting. Addicts in alternative drug rehab programs are statistically more likely to complete treatment. Additionally, statistics have shown that inpatient, residential programs can be up to 20% more successful than traditional 12-step programs because they provide a more gradual transition from treatment to home life. Women and young mothers tend to find these types of facilities especially helpful and supportive.

Educational Treatment Modality

As an inpatient staying at an alternative treatment center, the addict learns to cope with living a substance-free life. Many alternative drug rehab programs offer classes for learning relapse prevention techniques, as well as basic life skills. These facilities offer classes on various topics ranging from how to create and stick to a budget, to job interview advice, to basic educational training. Such classes are designed to give addicts healthy tools and resources to serve as an alternative to drugs, which they can rely on after they leave the structured life of rehab.

Group and Individual Counseling Sessions

Alternative drug rehab clinics focus on addressing addiction of both the body and the mind. Drug addiction does not simply affect the physical being. Even after the body has completely processed the toxins and the physical withdrawal symptoms have subsided, the mental addiction can still be very powerful. Along with the appropriate medical treatment, counseling is an important tool used to help the addicted individual regain mental control over his or her life.

Often drug addiction is related to mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and body image issues. Patients receive treatment for these issues through counseling. Addicts must learn to live their day-to-day lives without drugs and that takes some mental reprogramming.

If you decide that alternative drug rehab is right for you, please contact and we will connect you with a counselor who can provide specific recommendations for you.

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