10 Best Drug Rehab Centers in Connecticut

The search for the best rehab centers across the nation now brings us to Connecticut. These drug rehab centers in Connecticut incorporate a variety of methods of substance abuse treatment, many of which have more uncommon services as part of their programs. Again, we took into account criteria like staff, food and nutrition, overall experience, and effectiveness and, after ranking and filtering the list, found the 10 best rehabs in Connecticut.


1. MCCA, Norwalk

MCCA is an addiction treatment center with a wide range of services available. Inpatient, outpatient, transitional housing is available to men and women, and terms of services can be long-term or short-term based on the individual’s needs. Their special services include intervention, Latino outreach, prevention and family services, and services for older adults.

For more information on this facility go to http://mccaonline.com/

MCC Connecticut Drug Rehab

2. The Connection, Inc., Middletown

Founded more than 40 years ago, The Connection, Inc. began when two women decided that young men with addictions being released from Connecticut Valley Hospital needed a support system to help them successfully reenter society. The Connection, Inc. helps people getting out of incarceration, provides outpatient and residential treatment, and offers family support services.

For more information on this facility go to http://www.theconnectioninc.org/

The Connection, Inc., Middletown Connecticut Drug Rehab

3. Liberation Programs, Bridgeport

Liberation Programs is a clinic for treating substance abuse in older adults, men, women, mothers and teens, and over 1,200 people are served each day. Their core services include a residential program that welcomes pregnant and single mothers and their children so that families don’t have to be separated while a mother receives treatment. Liberation Programs also has a 90-day residential program for men, outpatient services for people 12 years old and above, and education, prevention and wellness outreach.

For more information on this facility go to http://liberationprograms.org/

 Liberation Programs, Bridgeport Connecticut Drug Rehab

4. Connecticut Renaissance, Inc., Bridgeport

Connecticut Renaissance is a substance abuse treatment center for men, women and adolescents. Their programs number over a dozen and include outpatient, residential, impaired drivers and community release programs.

For more information on this facility go to http://www.ctrenaissance.com/

Connecticut Renaissance, Inc., Bridgeport Drug Rehab

5. Natchaug Hospital Care Plus, Groton

Natchaug Hospital is committed to helping those with behavioral health issues, whether that be psychiatric illness or chemical dependency. While they have traditional services like inpatient treatment, a transitional living home as well as day and evening treatment, unique to their program is their Intensive In-Home Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS).

For more information on this facility go to https://natchaug.org/

Natchaug Hospital Care Plus, Groton Connecticut Drug Rehab

6. Southeastern Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., Lebanon

Founded in 1966, this drug and alcohol abuse treatment center offers a variety of programs and services to help individuals and families recover from substance abuse. Southeastern Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. offers sober living, outpatient treatment, inpatient detox, a pretrial intervention program, and other supports and services.

For more information on this facility go to http://www.scadd.org/

Southeastern Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., Lebanon Connecticut

7. Rushford, Portland

Rushford offers addiction and mental health services for adolescents and adults to help in the prevention, education, treatment of and recovery from substance abuse. Males 13-17 can attend Rushford Academy, a long-term residential treatment center. Rushford also has an addiction medicine fellowship which offers physicians a one-year training opportunity evaluating and treating patients with substance use disorders.

For more information on this facility go to https://rushford.org/locations/portland

Rushford, Portland Connecticut Drug Rehab

8. Four Seasons Therapy, LLC, Bridgeport

Four Seasons Therapy, LLC offers counseling and therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups. Their variety of services offered include evidence-based substance abuse treatment, SAP services for DUI/DWI, relapse prevention, and others.

For more information on this facility go to http://www.fourseasonstherapy.net/

Four Seasons Therapy, LLC, Bridgeport Connecticut Drug Rehab

9. Crossroads Inc, New Haven

Offering inpatient residential and outpatient services, Crossroads, Inc. provides the culturally sound environment individuals need for recovery. The facility focuses on the health, safety, and self-empowerment of recovering individuals, while promoting a diverse, therapeutic atmosphere. Programs are available for men and women which meet the varying treatment needs of both. Residential services are available for women in a 44-bed facility, men in a 96-bed facility, and also for women with children or pregnant women through a separate facility. Outpatient services may include crisis intervention, group counseling, military support programs, psychotherapy, and family counseling.

Crossroads Inc Addiction Treatment Center New Haven CT

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