Biophysical Drug Rehab


History of Biophysical

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Research Monograph Series called “Relapse & Recovery In Drug Abuse,” on the topic of relapse and recovery have “numerous theoretical formulations have been advanced, often with limited data. Better integration of theory and empirical findings, organized to build on promising treatment approaches, could make a major contribution.”

  • Biophysical drug rehab is the newest aspect added to the drug rehabilitation field in recent years.
  • Bio means dealing with a living organism.
  • Physical means “of the body.”
  • The word biophysical deals with addressing the physical aspect of drug addiction. The way this works is simple but the problem of handling it can become complicated if a solution does not exist to address the physical components associated with addiction.

Cited from Theories of Relapse and Recovery and Their Implications for Drug Abuse Treatment, metabolic theories started being studied by two Scientists named Vincent Dole and Marie Nyswander as early as the 1960’s. It was found during this time that drugs cause a metabolic change in the body. A metabolic change means that a substance produced by metabolism can modify the normal processes of the body. This could include eating, sleeping; even sex drive.

The way that this works regarding substance abuse is as follows:

  • An individual takes a drug.
  • The drug goes into the system and immediately modifies bodily functions, sensations and certain brain chemicals.
  • After a few hours or days the drugs exit the body through sweat, urine or other bodily functions.
  • However with the metabolite theory it was shown that drugs leave a semi-permanent mark on the body; partially staying in the system as fat bonding entities called drug metabolites.

The document Evaluation of a Detoxification Regimen For Fat Storied Xenobiotics states that, “Chemicals stored in adipose [tissue used for fat storage] and other tissues pose a continuing physiological and psychological threat to human health.” Many of these chemicals include drug chemicals like PCP (Angel Dust), LSD, THC or marijuana and other drugs that are fat soluble.

Once these toxins enter the body they can store in the fatty tissue for more than 10 years after an individual stops using drugs. Having these toxins or drug metabolites in the body puts the individual at high risk for physical drug cravings because the stored drug metabolites can be re-released into the blood stream at any time.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that drug addiction is characterized by intense and often uncontrollable drug cravings. Cravings only handle-able only by getting the source of them out of the body; through the removal of drug metabolites.

How Biophysical Drug Rehab Works To Stop Cravings

Drug metabolites can leave the body through a program offered only thorough biophysical treatment. This is done with minimal discomfort for the individual that provides a safe and effective means for detox of these chemicals.

The way that a biophysical program works is as follows:

  1. Safely detox an individual without the use of substitute drugs except in cases that drug detox is medically necessary.
  2. The individual undergoes a full physical exam by a doctor including blood testing and is given medical approval to do the treatment.
  3. A dry heat sauna is used to help the individual sweat out the drug metabolites. This is in conjunction with vitamin and mineral supplements, oils, plenty of water and a diet rich in green vegetables.
  4. Once the individual has completed sweating out the drug metabolites they get into the portion of bio-physical treatment that deals with the underlying mental and emotional aspects of substance abuse.

Success of Biophysical

On average biophysical drug rehab has an up to 70% success rate for all types of addictions. This type of program is a safe and effective method to handle all aspects of substance abuse and doesn’t carry with it the risks of other types of treatment.

Here is a client testimonial from biophysical treatment:
“I tried at least 10 different treatment programs before doing a For more information about biophysical treatment call our rehab experts today.biophysical rehab. I felt like a failure because I just couldn’t stop using drugs no matter what I did. The sauna treatment completely changed my viewpoint on treatment. For the first time in my life I didn’t crave drugs. I actually felt like I could quit using for the first time in my life.

Now years later I am still drug free. Biophysical treatment was the way to go. I recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction.”

E.D. – Biophysical Drug Rehab Graduate