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10 Best Drug Rehab Centers in South Dakota

As part of our series of best rehab centers across the nation, we now present the ten best rehab centers in South Dakota. Based on our aforementioned criteria, including staff, food and nutrition, overall experience, and most importantly, the effectiveness of the treatment, we scoured the state for the best recovery resources and evaluated each one. We then came up with a final ranking and filtered out the very best for this list. Here are the top ten rehab centers in South Dakota.

1. Tallgrass Recovery & Sober Living Homes, Sioux Falls

Tallgrass Recovery & Sober Living Homes, Sioux Falls Rehab

Tallgrass Recovery & Sober Living Homes is a residential treatment program for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. They provide a 30-day residential treatment program as well as extended stay sober living homes. The Tallgrass campus sits on a 10-acre property and is supported by over 150 volunteers, many of whom are working their own recovery programs as well. Tallgrass bases its treatment and therapies on the 12-step method.

2. Community Counseling Services, Madison

Community Counseling Services, Madison Rehab

This counseling center works with individuals, including those struggling with addictions, to resolve their issues and create a better standard of living. Treatment programs offered include a DUI educational group, a 6-week outpatient program, an aftercare program and inpatient referrals. Community Counseling Services’ treatment approach is based on the 12-step program.

3. Lifeways, Rapid City

Lifeways, Rapid City Rehab

Lifeways is an alcohol and drug prevention program with intervention and outpatient services. They work with youth in the community, empowering them to discover what they love to do and to give them reasons to say no to drugs and alcohol. They also work with parents to help them be a positive force in their child’s life. Lifeways counselors work in secondary schools in the Rapid City and Custer school districts and are available to others in the community.

4. Keystone Treatment Center, Sioux Falls

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With a variety of treatment tracks, Keystone Treatment Center is equipped to help individuals with many different kinds of issues. They have a program for Native American clients and programs for those addicted addicted to gambling, methamphetamines and opioids. There is also a voluntary Christian track that follows the regular treatment schedule while also following a 12-step bible study.

5. Carroll Institute, Sioux Falls

Carroll Institute, Sioux Falls Rehab

The Carroll Institute is a substance abuse prevention and treatment facility that offers prevention programming, assessments, treatment and aftercare. Unique to this center is the treatment program they offer to incarcerated adults. During a period of 6 weeks, incarcerated individuals work through 54 hours of group sessions and 6 hours of individual sessions. They cover things like criminal and addictive thinking, drugs and alcohol education, and release and reintegration preparation.

6. Worthmore Addiction Services, Aberdeen

Worthmore Addiction Services, Aberdeen Rehab

The Worthmore Addiction Services at Avera St. Luke’s Hospital offer services to those who struggle with alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. They provide prevention programs, education, assessments counseling, aftercare and referral services. Treatment is geared toward adolescents and adults. They are prepared to perform medical detoxification for those with chemical dependencies and also have a family program for loved ones of the unhealthy individual.

7. First Step, Brookings

First Step, Brookings Rehab

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” At First Step, individuals have a variety of treatment options including intervention and education programs, intensive intervention programs, intensive outpatient treatment programs and aftercare and recovery programs. The 12-step method is emphasized and utilized in their treatment programs.

8. Human Service Agency, Watertown

Human Service Agency, Watertown Rehab

The Human Service Agency is an addiction rehab and counseling center unique to South Dakota. They provide detox for those getting off of chemical dependencies, intensive outpatient care, aftercare groups and sober living homes.

9. Dakotah Pride Center, Sisseton

Dakotah Pride Center, Sisseton Rehab

Part of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation, the Dakotah Pride Center is a drug and alcohol rehab center for adults 18 and older and adolescents 11-17. They serve primarily American Indians and offer free service for those eligible for Indian Health Service. Clients are required to be alcohol and drug-free for 72 hours prior to admission, as detox services are not provided.

10. Native Healing Program, Rapid City

Native Healing Program, Rapid City Rehab

The Native Healing Program is a substance abuse treatment center that is culturally appropriate in that it incorporates native elements into its recovery program. Clients will be able to participate in Inipi Ceremony, Talking Circle and Drum Group. They provide intensive outpatient treatment, AA/NA meetings, DUI classes and codependency treatment sessions.Contact us today and find out about the programs and support will work for you and discover a new and rewarding life free from addiction.

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