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Costs Will Vary From One Facility, To The Next

If there is a single factor that is a deterrent to getting professional help for a substance abuse or dependency problem, it is the cost of the program. The cost of drug rehab programs can vary considerably from one facility to the next. Surprisingly, there are more payment options available today than ever before such as charity programs and federally funded programs. While these programs are free or low-cost in nature, executive rehab programs can cost up to $100,000 per month. Researching drug rehab cost online can get confusing, that is why provides the most researched and trusted information anywhere on the Internet.

In today’s economy, it is rare to find an individual with the financial means to pay for a drug rehab program or even someone with an insurance policy that covers the cost of drug rehab. The burden for payment oftentimes falls on family members or close personal friends of the addicted individual that enters the drug rehab program. Even when a person is insured, they shouldn’t assume that they are covered. It is best to check with your insurance provider and the drug rehab facility to know whether you will be able to get insurance coverage or not. Call today to learn more about drug rehab cost and finding the most affordable program.

The following is a list of factors that will oftentimes influence the cost of these programs.

  1. Amenities offered by the program – fitness facilities, golf course outings, meals prepared by professional chefs, and a number of other “perks” will cause the cost of the program to increase significantly
  2. Length of the program – short-term programs typically last between 14 and 28 days while long-term programs can last up to 4 months or longer so the cost will be determined by how long the individual remains in the program
  3. Location of the program – if the rehab facility is located in a desirable, secluded area like a private coastline or in the mountains you can anticipate a higher cost of drug rehab compared to one that is located in a less natural setting
  4. The type of program – each drug rehab facility has different programs which are specially aimed at the treatment of different substance abuses. Other than that, there are short term programs, in-patient programs, residential and after care programs. You will need to ask the facility about the charges and whether they can suggest some that suit your budget. Our counselors can also assist you in finding out the drug rehab cost of these programs and send you a list of facilities and their pricing.

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