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10 Best Drug Rehab Centers in Nevada

The search for the best rehab centers across the nation now brings us to Nevada. Many of these drug rehab centers in Nevada provide help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through online or phone chat services or because their organizations are open all hours of the day. In order to rate the centers, we took into account criteria like staff, food and nutrition, overall experience, and effectiveness and, after ranking and filtering the list, now present the 10 best rehabs in Nevada.

1. Alliance Family Services, Inc., Reno

Alliance Family Services, Inc., Reno Rehab

“Dedicated to providing services of the highest quality,” Alliance Family Services, Inc. is a substance abuse treatment facility for adolescents and adults. They provide evaluations, intensive outpatient services, outpatient services, individual sessions, among other treatments. All services are administered by a nationally certified chemical dependency counselor.

2. Freedom House Sober Living, Las Vegas

Freedom House Sober Living, Las Vegas Rehab

Freedom House Sober Living is a facility where recovering addicts can live after rehab as the prepare to return to their former environments. They provide monitoring and support through a 12 step program; residents can expect a clean and safe environment as long as they follow house rules, including zero tolerance for drug use or possession.

3. A Better Today Recovery Services, Las Vegas

A Better Today Recovery Services, Las Vegas Rehab

At A Better Today Recovery Services, clients seeking relief from drug and alcohol abuse can participate in a variety of therapies including cognitive behavior therapy, music and art therapy, strength and yoga therapy, equine therapy and more traditional therapies like group and family therapy. They also have a sober living program for those the time between a rehab center and entrance back into normal society.

4. The Treatment Center, Las Vegas

The Treatment Center, Las Vegas Rehab

The Treatment Center is an award winning drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility offering drug and alcohol addiction detox, treatment and dual diagnosis. They are fully accredited, and their employees are board-certified professionals. For those who want or need help right away, the center offers 24/7 live chat online and texting.

5. ABC Therapy, Henderson

ABC Therapy, Henderson Rehab

At ABC Therapy, “change starts here.” This center for drug and alcohol addiction provides counseling and psychotherapy and specializes in substance abuse among several other behavioral and psychological disorders. Their team of professional staff includes licensed clinical social workers, licensed drug and alcohol abuse counselors and domestic violence counselors.

6. Serenity Club, Las Vegas

Serenity Club, Las Vegas Rehab

Serenity Club is a membership based clubhouse that rents meeting space to 12 step organizations and also holds AA and other meetings every day. They are open 24 hours a day for club members. Their meetings, held 7 days a week, begin at midnight while the last one is held at 10pm.

7. Join Together Northern Nevada, Reno

Join Together Northern Nevada, Reno Rehab

Join Together Northern Nevada is an organization which seeks to work with the community to educate and provide a huge variety of resources to help recovering addicts and their families. They hose a free and confidential 24-hour helpline that is staffed by substance abuse professionals. The service is free to residents throughout Nevada.

8. Substance Free Nevada, Las Vegas

Substance Free Nevada, Las Vegas Rehab

Substance Free Nevada is a non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness, provide prevention resources, and educate the community on the dangers and reality of legal and street drugs and alcohol. They also have a listing of sober living houses and treatment centers throughout the area.

9. Solutions Recovery, Inc., Las Vegas

Solutions Recovery, Inc., Las Vegas Rehab

Founded in 2005, Solutions Recovery is a drug and alcohol abuse treatment that provides services to men and women ages 18 and older. Their program operates 24/7/365 and includes care like interventions, detox, residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, partial care, continuing care, counseling, and more.

10. Vitality Unlimited, Las Vegas

Vitality Unlimited, Las Vegas Rehab

Vitality Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization that provides substance abuse treatment and affordable housing programs to those looking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. They help anyone in need of their services regardless of where they live or their ability to pay as long as the individuals meet the program’s basic criteria.Contact us today and find out about the programs and support offered in Nevada.


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