Women Only Drug Rehab


The issue of drug abuse amongst women is something that has caused societal problems for decades. Women drug use statistics have continued to increase, especially with the current trends in the abuse of prescription medications. Women only drug rehab has become one solution to handling the problem at hand.

The National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University reports in a three year study, that over 4.4 million women are either alcoholics or that they abuse alcohol. The research also shows that over two million women use illegal drugs and 31 women are smokers in the United States. These statistics show how important rehab centers are that offer women only treatment programs. Our counselors can help locate a drug rehab that caters to women only today.

In addition, according to a study done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 6.6% of women over 12 used drugs over a one month period. Much information is available regarding the specifics of drug use amongst women. Much of it indicates that a female will start using drugs in the formative years; usually between the years of 8 to 22 years old. Many females are offered drugs by a friend or a male or female companion. Research indicates that once a woman starts using drugs she will often become dependent faster than a many and will suffer more negative consequences of the use quicker than most of the male population. Additionally a female will also engage in more risky behavior as a result of the use including risky sexual behavior that can lead to physical and emotional issues and even fuel the addiction.

Many blame advertising for the use of drugs amongst females; others point the finger at the environment itself and current trends, especially amongst high school students. No matter the reason drug abuse amongst women creates negative consequences for the gender and society in general. Locating an effective women only drug rehab will help any female begin her road to recovery.

Drug Abuse & Incarceration

According to The National Survey on Drug Use and Health women in state or federal prison have an even higher rate of drug use than the general trend of abuse amongst the gender. In fact the organization reports that over 59% of state inmates and over 47% of federal inmates indicated the use of drugs over a one month period. The indication is that nearly half of all women in both state and federal prisons met the criteria for drug abuse and addiction.

Many women are incarcerated as a consequence of addiction. Some commit crimes to obtain drugs, while others will engage in illegal behavior while under the influence.

Drug Rehab For Women Only

When a woman is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol there may be co-occurring mental and emotional trauma that goes along with the substance abuse problem.

Many women have reported experiencing the following that lead them into addiction or as a direct result of addiction:

  • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse.
  • Domestic Violence
  • Victims of major crimes against women including rape, kidnapping and other aggression issues.
  • Other emotional issues including anxiety and depression.
  • Problems including sexually transmitted diseases that are usually directly related to the behavior connected to substance abuse.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Peer pressure.

Of the more than 1.8 million drug rehab admissions, over 32% were women as reported by the Office of the National Drug Control Policy.

Because of the high number of treatment admissions for females, the need for women only drug rehab is essential so that a treatment option exists that handle the underlying issues related to female drug abuse.

What A Women’s Program Should Address

When a woman is enrolling into a treatment program there are many factors that the treatment program should take into account. Many women want to feel secure in a facility, to have one on one care and to be able to address their own personal issues in an environment that is safe and where they can receive help for these issues without being judged or punished.

  1. A good program would then outline the following as an effective treatment method for women:
  2. Individualized therapy where a woman could face the past issues that lead her into substance abuse in the first place.
  3. One on one counseling to address personal issues of distress.
  4. A physical component to help alleviate cravings for drugs or alcohol with an effective drug-free approach.
  5. Life skills teaching the women to be able to handle future issues. This can encompass the raising of children and managing their own interpersonal relationships with others.
  6. Guidance for life after rehab. This would include an aftercare plan to keep the woman on the right track toward her goals for a continued sober life.

The article, The Formative Years: Pathways to Substance Abuse Among Girls And Young Women Ages 8-22, stated it best when written, “Truly effective substance abuse prevention and treatment for girls and young women requires tailoring programs to address the risks and consequences of smoking, drinking and drug use that are unique to them.”

For more information about detox services call our rehab experts today.A program that specifically tailors to the needs of each woman or is a women only drug rehab is going to be a very effective method to treating the gender. Moreover, programs that are dual-gender can also be beneficial in a safe setting where a woman is able to address her issues at hand.

It is important to indicate that with treatment through a women only drug rehab, substance abuse can be fully handled.

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