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Home of the Adventure Seeking, Alaska Faces Their Share of Drug Problems

Alaska is the largest state, according to land mass measuring 663,267 square miles, in the United States and the least densely populated with a population of 648,818. That’s less than one person per square mile. While the bulk of the population of Alaska is located in cities such as Anchorage, which is the largest, and Juneau, which is the state capital, there are many small cities dotting the Alaskan coastline and scattered throughout the interior dealing with more than their fair share of drug problems.

It’s the geographic location of Alaska, far removed from the United States mainland, that makes it a prime location for the consumption of illicit drugs, drug trafficking and money laundering. While a wide variety of drugs are widely attainable in the state of Alaska, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs and methamphetamines are the most widely abused drugs.

It is clear that drugs are a problem in the great state of Alaska, but all eyes continue to point “North to the Future” — a future filled with promise and hope for those struggling with addiction.

Our counselors at can help you find the most fitting Alaska drug rehab treatment center to meet your unique and specific needs whether you’re getting help for yourself or someone you love.

Facts about Drug Abuse and Addiction in Alaska

For all the beauty that surrounds Alaska, by land and by sea, there is an ugly problem within the state. In 2005, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released a news report, based on their National Survey on Drug Use and Health, revealing that Alaska had the highest rate of illicit drug use in the United States.

While it’s difficult to equate human lives to dollars and cent and people are irreplaceable, the state of Alaska released The Economic Costs of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse in Alaska report that claims that alcohol and drug abuse in the state of Alaska was responsible for 397 deaths for each year from 2006 to 2010 and approximately $424.1 million in lost productivity for the year 2010 alone.

Drug and Alcohol Related Crime Facts for Alaska

Violent crimes, including aggravated assault, forcible rape, murder and robbery, are far more prevalent in Alaska than anyone cares to admit, ranking Alaska as 23rd in the nation when it comes to crimes such as these.

“Of all cases initiated by the Alaska State Troopers in 2011, 33.6% involved drugs and/or alcohol. Of all violent crime cases, 59.5% involved drugs and/or alcohol,” the Alaska State Police stated, in the 2011 Annual Drug Report.

Hope exists for an end in sight for the wide prevalence of drug problems throughout Alaska in that from a state high of 121 meth lab incidents reported by the DEA in 2004, the number fell to one solitary incident in 2012.

Getting Treatment for Addiction in Alaska

Despite remote locations and population disadvantages, there are many Alaska substance abuse treatment programs from which to choose. The good news is that there is likely to be one that’s a good fit for you, your son or daughter, or brother or sister.

Wilderness drug rehab centers in Alaska, for instance, offer a unique and somewhat rustic approach to addiction treatment and therapy that fits well with the hardy people who call Alaska home. This is a somewhat novel approach. However, it may be among the best Alaska drug rehab programs for teens and young adults, though there are some older adults who find it to be a good match as well. In addition to methamphetamine treatment in Alaska (and other substances addiction), wilderness therapy also teaches other important life lessons about independence, patience, and self-reliance.

Women only drug rehab centers offer an important option for women, which now account for nearly half the population in Alaska. Women may choose from residential rehab in Alaska as well as out-patient rehab according to their geographical needs and the severity of their addiction. The benefits of a women only approach to addiction is that they offer gender specific treatments not only for the specific addiction, but also the resulting self-esteem and dependency problems that can remain long after the addiction is treated.

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