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Drug Abuse and Addiction in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state where almost 12.8 million people live, work, play, or go to school. People here work hard and they play hard. From major sporting teams in the metropolitan cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to minor league and college sports throughout the state, there’s almost always some sporting event going on to watch or participate in. There’s also a wide range of playgrounds, theme parks, and cultural attractions throughout the state.

Pennsylvania’s many college campuses and easy turnpike access to the entire eastern seaboard makes it a prime target for drugs traffickers seeking to take drugs through the state. Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia counties are all part of the Philadelphia/Camden HIDTA (High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area), an area where additional federal funds have been set aside to combat drug trafficking in the area, as a result of the past drug activity.

Anyone struggling with addiction knows all too well how the cycle can be. It’s not something you simply wake up from one day and decide it’s over.

Pennsylvania Drug Abuse Statistics

The majority of people entering Pennsylvania drug rehab programs cited alcohol as the reason they were seeking treatment. This was followed by admissions for cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.

In 2009, there were nearly 2,000 deaths that were the direct result of drug use in Pennsylvania. That is more than deaths by firearms or motor vehicles in the same year and above the national average of drug-induced deaths throughout the country.

Drug and Alcohol-Related Crimes in Pennsylvania

Violence is a problem in Pennsylvania with 439 incidents of violent crime for every 100,000 people. This ranks Pennsylvania 21st in the nation for violent crime, nearly dead center in the pack.

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape warns that as much as 80 percent of college students who had unwanted sex was under the influence of alcohol. They go on to warn that alcohol is more commonly implicated in incidents of sexual violence than any other drug.

Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

One Pennsylvania drug rehab treatment programs that are gaining plenty of accolades is the biophysical drug rehab program. This program ventures away from traditional programs that teach addiction as a lifelong struggle and rely heavily upon religious elements. Instead, biophysical programs teach that it is possible to leave addiction behind altogether. They focus on teaching program participants how to leave addiction behind while also providing them with the life skills necessary to move away from old patterns that made them ripe for addiction in the past.

12-step programs, on the other hand, are another popular choice for many people. For one thing, they are popular because they have a history of success. 12-step programs advocate personal responsibility, acceptance of your addiction, making amends, and leaning on a sponsor, someone who has walked in your shoes, to aid you in your efforts to remain clean and sober.

Finding A Drug Rehab Facility in Pennsylvania

Addiction isn’t something you can simply walk away from. You need help to put it behind you once and for all. Contact a treatment specialist to find help today.

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