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The Cornhusker state, with its nearly two million people, was named one of Parent Magazine’s 2001 Best Cities for Families. Omaha, Nebraska comes in at number eight on the list, in part, because of its strong schools and a thriving job market. However, it’s also on the list because it offers families many cultural experiences not found in similar cities.

Whatever Omaha is doing for families, it must be right. It made the top ten list in 2009 as well. Other major cities in Nebraska include Lincoln (which also made the 2011 list in 19th place) and Bellevue. Ultimately, it’s hard to top Nebraska when it comes to great places to raise families.

Thus, on the surface, Nebraska seems like a picture perfect place to live. It’s difficult to imagine drugs and alcohol shattering the sanctity of this seemingly idyllic existence. Unfortunately, they do just that. In fact, several Nebraska counties have been identified as part of the Midwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

The news is alarming, but it’s not all bad. There is help available to anyone looking for help through Nebraska substance abuse treatment programs. will refer you to a treatment facility that matches your needs and offers you the greatest opportunity for success based on key factors about yourself, the drug you’re addicted to, and the degree of severity of your addiction.

Why the Need for Nebraska Drug Rehab Treatment

Many people may try to deny the growing drug problem throughout Nebraska. With so many good things going on, it’s easy for some people to dismiss or ignore the facts. Stimulants, in particular, are a big problem for people in Nebraska, accounting for 35 percent of Nebraska drug rehab treatment facility admissions in 2011. Marijuana accounted for an additional 27 percent of admissions that same year.

Nebraska was slightly below the national average of 8.68 percent of people over the age of 18 using illicit drugs within the past year at 6.53 percent. The same holds true of marijuana past-year use with 11.27 percent of the national population and only 8.99 percent of the Nebraska population using in the past year.

Violent Crime in Nebraska

Nebraska is not a hotbed of criminal activities by national standards. In fact, this state is in 35th place nationwide for the number of violent crimes per 100,000 population, with 282, according to the United States Census Bureau.

The National Drug Intelligence Center considers methamphetamines as a principle threat for the state of Nebraska largely because they are so readily available and because they have such profound and harmful effects on the people who take them. The DOJ threat assessment goes on to say that the number of drug-related sentences involving methamphetamines in Nebraska was nearly five times the national average.

Getting Help for Addiction in Nebraska is Essential to Long, Healthy Life

There are different types of treatment available to meet a wide range of needs for not only the types of addictions, or even the severity of various addictions, but also the unique needs of the people experiencing them.

One new type of treatment that is experiencing wide acclaim for its effectiveness for treating addiction to stimulants in Nebraska (and beyond) is biophysical drug rehab therapy. This program is different than the traditional 12-step teachings because it teaches that substance abuse is a learned behavior rather than a lifelong condition. As such, participants can overcome their dependency by changing their behaviors. The program focuses on healing the body so that the mind is prepared to combat the dependency. They also promote cleansing the body of toxins from drugs and alcohol through exercise, sauna therapy, and healthy diets (along with some nutritional supplements).

Choosing the Right Nebraska Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Finding the right program to help end your dependency on drugs is important. That’s where comes in handy. Contact us today, and let us help you get your future started.

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