About Us

Drugrehab.org is an informational resource for people suffering from addiction and their loved ones. By providing relevant information, helpful resources, and a network of support, Drugrehab.org aims to help people and their families improve their quality of life and enter a credible and reputable addiction treatment program.

Qualified admissions representatives are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days week to receive your calls and inquiries. All calls are confidential and can help determine the best treatment option for the individual. Our admissions representatives are trained to inform callers on quality of care, payment questions, and other issues regarding entering and receiving treatment. Representatives will connect you with treatment that is evidence-based and yields positive outcomes.

What We Do

Any content written for Drugrehab.org is original. Our team of hardworking professionals, including web developers, writers, marketers, graphic designers, and researchers, assemble content that is relevant and of interest to our audience. Topics are based on recent addiction treatment research, search volume, and other issues relating to substance abuse. All of our content is derived from legitimate and credible sources, including government agencies, valid publications, and medical journals. All articles found on Drugrehab.org is relevant and fact-based.

We also staff an outreach team to help spread information and raise awareness about addiction treatment and recovery. By reaching out, we hope the information found on this site can help prompt people to seek addiction treatment when they’re in need and also help to destigmatize the divisive issues of substance abuse and addiction.

Consult A Medical Provider

While the goal of Drugrehab.org is to promote recovery, provide relevant information regarding addiction, and coordinate people to enter addiction treatment services, we never intend for our site to be a replacement for medical care or advice. Please consult a healthcare professional or your primary care physician if you’re experiencing any struggles with substance abuse, behavioral health, or addiction. In the case of an emergency, or if you’re in need of direct medical assistance, please dial 9-1-1 immediately.