Catholic Drug Rehab

Catholic Drug Rehab

The Real Story

With its over 1 billion members, the Catholic religion was formed between the third and fifth centuries from the Roman and Latin Empires. The sacred book or guide to Catholicism is the holy bible and the main headquarters for the religion are in Rome, Italy. According to Catholic history information, the religion relies on several sources for its writings and philosophy including Latin, Greek, and Jewish scriptures.

Catholic followers hold the teachings through church or mass and the words are written in the bible as sacred components of the religion. They believe that individuals are basically good but act badly through the sins they have committed or transgressions against themselves and others. It is believed through the religion that anyone can have salvation from the things they have done if they turn to God. There is also the belief that when a person leaves earth they will spend eternity in heaven or hell.

According to the United States Religion Landscape Survey, 23.9% of American practices the Catholic religion. Out of these people, there are a growing number of Catholics who struggle daily with drug or alcohol addiction problems who are in need of Catholic drug rehab.

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What Does A Catholic Drug Rehab Program Do For The Addicted

Many privately run, government and church run Catholic programs exist all across the United States. In a report from Catholic Online, full recovery from addition exists through Catholic drug rehab that reportedly gets individuals out of the recovery phase permanently. There are several components of this type of treatment that include:

  • A mix of 12 step philosophies, one on one counseling and faith based studies and philosophies to aid in recovery.
  • The teaching of key Catholic scriptures as well as bible study lessons.
  • Attendance to Catholic Church services, at least 2-3 times per week if not daily.
  • Confession with a Catholic priest, prayer and candle lighting and reflection periods.
  • One on one counseling with a Catholic priest or minister.
  • Group lecture sessions using sermons from both Catholic ministers and priests and Catholic group counselors.
  • A combination of spiritual healing through the study of scriptures and prayer, mental healing through the confession of past misdeeds and physical healing through
  • The ability of the individual to fully heal from their addiction by accepting and believing in their Catholic religion.
  • Belief in the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit as the primary basis for recovery from addiction.

Fundamental Theories of Catholic Rehab

Most Catholic drug rehab programs are residential or inpatient, though some outpatient treatment options exist. There are even groups such as the National Catholic Council on Addictions which hold workshops to further establish further options for counseling with parish based staff.

Most Catholic rehabs rely on similar theories to help parish members to recover from addiction. There are inspirational messages used to help addicts, however, those addicted must apply these theories to their lives along with other prayers, scripture, and belief in God to help them get and maintain sobriety. Some of these are:

  1. That they are powerless over their addiction.
  2. That God has to be the one to grant them serenity “to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”
  3. All other steps that include the 12-step philosophy.
  4. Guidelines from God that tell addicts to put things on a list, stop worrying, trust in and talk to God and the continue to have faith.
  5. The teaching of a new moral and ethical lifestyle that includes being kind, patient, sharing and loving yourself and others.
  6. The components of both healing and forgiveness as a part of recovery.
  7. Caring for and helping others.
  8. Being strong and finding strength in faith.
  9. Learning to love others and yourself.
  10. Continuing to improve your life on a daily basis no matter that problems come into your life.

Strong communication through groups of people trying to achieve the same goals is also used both through Church Services and group meetings and activities. The support of drug and alcohol-free family members is also key in Catholic drug rehab.

Catholic Drug Rehab Center Resources

Catholic drug rehab and many different types of programs available. If you are looking for this type program for yourself or a family member or loved one it is important to ask what the length of the program is as well as the success rate or percentage of people staying clean and sober after treatment. In addition to this knowing what specific types of treatment are used is also important as well as the amount of time the addicted person spends on treatment each day. Usually the more long-term and intensive the program it the better results it is able to get.

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