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There are many different drug rehabs that approach addiction treatment in a number of ways. The traditional 12-step program is most common, however there are other approaches to substance abuse treatment. These non 12-step programs are effective and successful for many.

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Many drug rehab programs follow the 12-step approach to substance abuse treatment. However, the twelve-step program is not the only option for people who are committed to their sobriety.

Since the development of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in 1935, many other 12-step programs have been used as the core method for substance abuse programs. Many individuals who are court ordered to participate in substance abuse treatment are required to attend some form of a 12-step program.

Even though these programs are common, they are not the only form of drug rehab that has been shown to be effective. Non twelve-step programs offer treatment to those who may not feel comfortable using a faith-based program, who adhere to a different spiritual belief, or who simply prefer a secular substance abuse treatment program.

What Does A Non 12-Step Program Offer?

While both a 12-step and a non 12-step program encourage sobriety from drugs and alcohol, non 12-step programs place significant emphasis on self-empowerment, and evidence based practices.

Many non 12-step programs are equipped to provide:

  • medically supervised detox program
  • assessment and treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • family, couples, and group counseling
  • individual therapy that uses evidence-based strategies

A key difference of non twelve-step programs is that the support groups weaved throughout the drug rehab experience teach skill building, continuing motivation, dealing with cravings, and living a life that is balanced. Much of this is achieved through learning to manage one’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior (often referred to as cognitions).

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Common Non 12-Step Programs

Some of the more commonly known non 12 step programs are SMART (Self-Management And Recovery Training) Recovery, SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety), LifeRing Secular Recovery, Moderation Management, and Women for Sobriety.

  • SMART Recovery focuses on empowerment and reliance, and also uses scientific and evidence based research when developing treatment options. This program maintains flexibility as the understanding of addiction is constantly evolving
  • Women for Sobriety uses a thirteen statement program that helps women find and maintain sobriety. Sobriety through positivity and growth are the main focus of this group.
  • LifeRing Recovery connects people together who want to be sober and build supportive relationships that encourage them to live to their highest potential, and maintain sobriety.
  • SOS provides secular recovery that acknowledges the work an individual puts in when becoming sober. Supporting one another in a group setting, without exclusion.

Non 12-Step Drug Rehab Difference

It is believed that the degree of flexibility in a non 12-step program is an important element to the success of these programs. Being able to build a support system without the strict guidelines of traditional 12-step programs seems to be a good fit for some people.

Because so many of the non 12-step drug rehab programs acknowledge that our understanding of addiction is constantly growing, being flexible is a necessity. Individuals who attend these types of treatment appreciate the level of compassion and understanding within these secular substance abuse treatment programs.

Should I Choose A Non 12-Step Drug Rehab?

A drug rehab program that is based on a twelve-step program might not be ideal for everyone in need of treatment. A non twelve-step may be a better choice for someone who does not want a spiritually based recovery program or would prefer an intervention that allows a person to control their recovery, instead of the idea that the disease of addiction is out of their control.

There are many reasons to pursue a non 12-step drug rehab, and having options that cater to individual needs can make it easier to commit to a program and recovery. Many non 12-step substance abuse treatment options explore addiction as a learned behavior that can be modified.

When an individual chooses a non 12-step program, they learn how to manage their addiction through a type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that focuses on addiction. Specific elements of this CBT model show individuals how to:

  • eliminate maladaptive coping skills
  • develop appropriate coping strategies
  • acknowledging and controlling cravings
  • managing emotions and responding to stress
  • addressing negativity and modifying negative thoughts

These CBT interventions achieve these changes through relaxation techniques, exploring replacement activities that are enjoyable, building up current support systems, developing new supportive relationships, and relapse prevention.

Are There Non 12-Step Programs In My Area?

There are thousands of drug rehab options across the country, and even worldwide. There is a good chance that a non 12-step program could be nearby. We have the resources and the available staff to explore options with you.

Reach out to us today, so we can meet you on your path to recovery and find a facility that meets your needs, or the needs of your loved one.

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