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Resources on Addiction Treatment & Recovery

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The joy of recovery begins with finding the right help for addiction. In this section, you’ll find a community of support to guide you – or a loved one -- toward freedom from drug and alcohol dependency. Our Help Center topics include:
  • Rehab FAQs – Get your questions answered about effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our FAQs cover everything from how to pay for rehab to adequate length of stays, typical rehab center policies, and how to protect your job while in treatment.
  • Free Resource Guides – Download these practical, in-depth support guides to addiction treatment and recovery. This includes our Guide to Choosing the Right Rehab , which outlines eight “best practices” for treating drug and alcohol problems. Here, you’ll also find our Drug Rehab Family Support & Involvement Guide, which covers the best ways to support a loved one before, during and after addiction treatment.
  • Video Library – Learn about substance use disorders and get recovery tips from national experts in addiction medicine, featured in this video series from Topics include relapse prevention strategies and how to conduct a successful intervention for an addicted loved one.
  • Recovery Support – Find the support and inspiration you need to make positive life changes and experience lasting recovery. This section includes a wealth of resource articles --- including evidence-based practices to improve your well-being (such as ways to nurture self-compassion), post-rehab strategies to prevent addiction relapse, and the many documented benefits of life in recovery.
For immediate help, call our professional counselors anytime at: 833-473-4227 We’re here 24/7 to help you find the resources you need and effective, personalized care to build a better life.