Profiles in Recovery
Rick Roussin


Roussin will never forget the second chance he was given to restart his life. Rather than getting fired for drug and alcohol addiction, Roussin’s employer led him toward recovery.

Today, Roussin is at the helm of a $60 million company – Coast to Coast Computer Products in Simi Valley, California – and he’s hired hundreds of men and women in recovery. They often attend 12-step meetings on their lunch hours, and staff volunteer teams for Habitat for Humanity and other service projects.

Roussin says he values his second chance and the opportunity to live “a God-driven life.” “I am grateful for the time I have, and would be dead or in jail if I was not sober,” he says.

Day Job:
Chairman/Founder of Coast to Coast, a computer printer supply company

What I lost to addiction:
Everything. I was bankrupt in all areas of life.

At my worst:
I hated myself and everyone else. I wanted to die.

What worked for me:
12-step program. Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous. 90 meetings in 90 days. Got a sponsor and worked all 12 steps.

Advice to my younger self:
Older people are wiser than younger people. Be careful who you hang around.

On my bucket list:
Write a book. Impact thousands of other hopeless people.

Favorite recovery quote:
“If you sit in a barbershop long enough, you are going to get a haircut” ~ AA saying

My rock bottom moment:
Awake for seven straight days of booze and uppers. I had to find a better way. This was rock bottom.

When cravings come:
I have no cravings anymore. When I did, I would drop to my knees and ask God to remove them and go to a meeting.

On my schedule today:
I work on myself every day. I grade myself on my spiritual, mental, physical, financial and family efforts each day.

Best advice for newbies:
90 in 90!!! (a reference to attending 90 recovery meetings in 90 days). Get a hard-nosed sponsor and work those steps!

What I learned about myself:
I used to be a self-seeking, selfish victim who blamed other people for my troubles.

How I get through the holidays:
In early sobriety I always went to extra meetings and only attended sober parties. Today I am comfortable anywhere.

I get inspired by:
All the lives I have seen change right before my eyes. Sobriety rocks!

Proudest moment:
That my 25-year-old twins have never seen me drunk or use. I am a great example of clean living.

Rules I live by:
Work on yourself every day. Do not use no matter what. Seek God in all you do.

What saves me from myself:
I pray and meditate every day. I read spiritual material. I keep in touch with other sober people.

Thoughts on relapse:
I relapsed after 90 days. My advice is that it’s not worth it. No matter what is happening, drugs and booze make everything worse – never better. A sober life is better!

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