Profiles in Recovery
Michael Dadashi


Michael Dadashi was 15 when he took his first drink that eventually led to a black hole of marijuana, prescription pill abuse and ultimately heroin addiction. His life spiraled out of control until he finally reached a point where the desire to make a change was fueled by a spiritual awakening. Dadashi strengthened his early sobriety by immersing himself in community service and volunteer work at the local soup kitchen and drug rehab facility.

In 2009 Michael Dadashi opened MHD Enterprises, whose electronic reselling company’s tag line is Recreating Value / Rethinking Life. MHD creates new life for used electronics and provides people in recovery with new life with the opportunity to work and be a part of his close-knit employee team. The employees benefit not only from having a job, but from working in an environment where they can own their addiction history and find support among their co-workers and management team that strengthens their recovery.

In 2014, Michael took his mission to help addicts rebuild their lives one step further by opening Infinite Recovery Substance Abuse Treatment Facility. His goal was to provide a full continuum of care by equipping clients with the tools and support necessary for a successful second chance at life. In 2017 with the help of his talented wife, Ylianna, they launched a medical detox and residential facility and have now realized the goal Michael set for himself.

Celebrating the Holidays:
For major celebrations, I now celebrate the way everyone does minus the champagne. It is small price to pay for what I have today.

The holidays are very difficult for someone new in sobriety. There are probably many close relationships that are still fractured. This is the time to stick close to your support group and enjoy activities with this new circle of friends. The most important thing you can do is not to isolate. Remember if your family sees you stay strong during this difficult time, it will go a long way toward rebuilding trust.

I knew I had a problem when…
The first time I drank I blacked out, and I was determined to numb myself every chance I got.

My advice for others trying to obtain sobriety:
I would say find a group that is successful in working their own personal 12 step program and do everything you can to follow their advice.

Perfectionism and Sobriety:
I did and sometimes still do struggle with seeking perfection. These days I tame that struggle with prayer and meditation.

Life Changes:
I can now look at myself in the mirror and be proud of the man I’ve become. Because of sobriety, I have a business I love and the wife of my dreams. My relationship with family and friends in better than ever. I have their respect, and that is priceless.

My Relationships Now:
They are authentic.

Shed the Stigma:
If you’re a person in long-term recovery who wants to share your insights, please contact us at [email protected].


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