Dr. Deborah King

President, It Takes A Life To Save A Life Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 Board Certified National Recovery Coach and Interventionist

Deborah King

Deborah King was born to boxing legend Don King and his late wife Henrietta King on August 29, 1961, in Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up with notable public figures, Deborah was overwhelmed by the “daily plethora of new experiences.” With her parents placing such importance on normal education, Deborah was sent to a private girls’ school in Pennsylvania so she could earn her high school diploma with some privacy.

Deborah graduated from Jay College in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Forensic Science. In September 2014, Deborah earned a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from South University. During this time, she made and remained on the Dean’s List at the college, while also representing professional athletes and celebrities as a preeminent international sport and entertainment manager.

After graduation, Deborah assisted her father as a consultant at Don King Productions. She later became a sports manager for various boxing champions and went on to become the youngest recipient of the “Manager of the Year” award from the International Boxing Federation. Switching gears, Deborah became an entertainment manager and founded Deb-b King Management which managed both entertainers and professional athletes. Deborah was an instrumental force in the Ice Breaker Tour, featuring the late Tupac Shakur, The Ghetto Boys Reunion Tour, and Bad Boy Entertainment Tour (featuring Notorious BIG) in Cleveland, Ohio.

Deborah hit a lull in her career in 1999 due to a struggle with drug addiction. Since her successful time in rehab, Deborah has remained drug-free.

As a Board-Certified National Recovery Coach and Interventionist, Deborah founded Limitless Life Recovery and Holistic Group after vowing to use her own personal battle with drug addiction and establishing limitless goals for her life. From destruction, Deborah says she has “risen from the ashes like a phoenix” and wants her clients to know that “as long as you got a life, you got hope.” Through Limitless Life Recovery, Deborah is helping high profile individuals, star athletes and people from all walks of life overcome the demons of chemical and alcohol addiction as well as mental illness. She evaluates each client’s situation, assesses the degree of severity, and formulates a plan to help them find the inner strength to solve their own problems. One of the highlights in her life was speaking on the National Mall in Washington DC at the United to Face Addiction inaugural rally October 4, 2015, to a crowd of 100,000 addicts and survivors.

Deborah is also the President of It Takes A Life To Save A Life Foundation, Inc., a not for profit, 501c3 organization with a mission to promote the preservation of life and to help those in need through comprehensive management and treatment of mental health, addiction and recovery issues.

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