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Here is something to be said about the success rate of drug rehab done in an outpatient setting versus that of inpatient drug rehab . Most outpatient drug rehab centers are either government or state-funded, and boast a success rate of between 2 and 20%. This means that in some outpatient centers, for every 100 clients that walk through the door, only 2 have their old, drug-free life restored to them. Many times, “success” is measured by whether or not the client is using illicit drugs anymore, but prescription drugs are considered part of the “ongoing cure.” This is actually a false statistic, as you cannot call a person who was addicted to a drug but now is addicted to a different one, “cured.”

Drug and alcohol abuse is not an easy fix, but it isn’t an incurable disease that you have to live with forever. If you find the right drug and alcohol treatment center, a person’s life, choices and actions can be turned around. After all, drug addiction and alcoholism are just that: a choice.

There is no more effective rehabilitation than inpatient, long-term treatment. Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab moves the person from the environment in which the substance abuse is happening—this is usually at home or at a friend’s. It also gives him or her time enough to really confront the underlying issues and develop new habits and daily routines/patterns.

The importance of long-term treatment for drug abusers and alcoholics cannot be stressed enough. Don’t settle for the 28 day program which the insurance program fully covers, or the 30 day state-funded program which is free for you but might end of being a waste of your time. Don’t rush addiction treatment. Do it right; do it long-term.

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