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Help for a substance abuse problem can be found at Sound Alternatives Behavioral Health Clinic. Located in Cordova, Alaska, this outpatient rehabilitation facility can help you, or a loved one, safely overcome an existing substance abuse problem. Sobriety is the goal at Sound Alternatives Behavioral Health Clinic.

Cordova Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Services

It is important to properly detox from any drugs or alcohol that is used. Proper detoxification can help make it easier for you to obtain the help you need. Sound Alternatives Behavioral Health Clinic can help with the detox process.

This outpatient rehabilitation center has the medical staff to help with detox. The medical staff will monitor you during detox to make sure you are not exhibiting any side effects or withdrawal symptoms that could be problematic. If a problem should occur, the staff can recommend an inpatient rehab facility for you to visit.

Counseling And Drug Treatment Programs

Once detox has finished, you can receive counseling and drug treatment right at this outpatient facility. You will be able to attend individual counseling, group therapy, and couples/family counseling. You will also be able to attend drug and alcohol educational programs.

In addition to these services, you will also be able to receive help with coping skills needed to overcome a substance abuse problem. You will learn valuable life skills that will help you find sobriety and stay sober long after your treatment.

Mental Health Treatment Available

Occasionally, a co-occurring mental health problem is associated with your substance abuse problem. Sound Alternatives Behavioral Health Clinic has the clinical and medical staff to not only diagnosis a co-occurring mental health problem, but help you seek treatment for it at the same time.

Treating the co-occurring mental health issue increases your chance of successfully completing treatment for your substance abuse problem. Successful completion of a treatment program can help you stay sober.

Help for Family and Friends

Family and friends closely associated with an individual who is suffering from a substance abuse problem also need to seek clinical help and support. Sound Alternatives Behavioral Health Clinic offers a variety of services to family and friends.

Services that family and friends can use at this clinic include individual counseling and group therapy. Occasionally, family and friends may be asked to attend couples or family counseling with the individual who is trying to overcome their substance abuse problem.

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