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St. Paul Island Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

There are currently two major drug abuse and rehabilitation facilities located on Saint Paul Island for users to choose from depending on the nature of the treatment that they're after. The first is the Aleut Community of Saint Paul Island facility, located at P.O. Box 86. The primary focus of this particular center is on a complete mixture of mental health and substance abuse treatment options. Both private and luxury drug rehab services are available, all of which accept self payment options like cash, check and credit card. The facility also offers a wide range of special programs including drug rehabs for men and male patients, drug rehabs for women and female clients and treatment for DUI and DWI offenders that has been ordered by the court.

The facility also offers aftercare, halfway houses and other types of sober living facilities for people who are looking to take back control of their lives after treatment has ended. Intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient drug rehabilitation is also available.

The Aluet Community of Saint Paul Island facility is equipped to handle addiction to many different types of substances including prescription drugs, cocaine, opiates and more. Treatment options for MDMA are also available, which commonly goes by the "street name" ecstasy or molly. Methamphetamine treatment is also offered, which commonly goes by the "street name" ice or crystal.

The second major facility that operates in the area is the Saint Paul health Center, which is located at 1000 Polovina Turnpike. This center also offers a mixture of substance abuse and mental health abuse services and specializes in alternative treatment options like biophysical rehabilitation, homeopathic rehabilitation and more.

The major specialty program of this particular facility stems from the fact that it acts as a faith based drug abuse and recovery center. Treatment programs are designed with both Catholics and Christians in mind, allowing them to get the type of specialized help that they need without worrying about negatively affecting their own faith.

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