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Ketchikan Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

There are currently three high quality drug abuse rehabilitation facilities in the Ketchikan city area for people to choose from depending on their needs. The first of those facilities is the Gateway Center for Human Services Substance Abuse Services Division, which is located at 3050 5th Avenue. The facility mainly specializes in a mixture of mental and substance abuse services designed to provide the highest quality treatment possible given the specifics of the patient in question. This facility offers a number of different types of care including both intensive outpatient (also commonly referred to as IOP) and outpatient drug rehab. Residential long-term inpatient rehab programs are also available in periods including 60 days, 90 days and 120 days. In addition to biophysical rehabilitation and other alternative treatment options, the Gateway Center for Human Services also provides both holistic residential treatment and non 12 Step-related drug rehab programs.

The second major facility in the area is the KAR House Residential Substance Abuse Program, which is located at 3134 Tongass Avenue. It focuses on the effective treatment of co-occurring mental and substance abuse dependencies. This facility also offers a wide range of different types of care including both aftercare treatment, halfway house availability and sober living facilities. Inpatient drug rehabilitation is also offered for periods ranging from 60 days to 120 days or more. Biophysical rehabilitation, holistic residential treatment and other options are available for users to take advantage of as they see fit. This particular center also offers a number of different payment methods including financing, payment assistance and the ability to pay for services using loans and scholarship opportunities.

The third major facility to operate in the area is the Ketchikan Indian Community Tribal Clinic Behavioral Health Department, located at 2960 Tongass Avenue. This facility offers both intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient rehabilitation options and provides a mixture of both substance and mental health abuse services. The facility is equipped to combat the effects of a wide range of different types of drugs including synthetic marijuana, bath salts, concerta, Ambien, prescription drugs, crack, heroin and more.

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