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Lynn Canal Counseling Services helps individuals who are suffering from mental health and substance abuse problems. This counseling center in Haines, Alaska offers services that can help minor to moderate substance abuse problems or work as part of a maintenance program once you have achieved sobriety.

Counseling Services Available to Everyone

Lynn Canal Counseling Services wants to make counseling services available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. Working with federal grants and donations, this facility is able to offer care and treatment for substance abuse problems to anyone who is seeking help.

Individual Treatment Plans

Each person who seeks help from Lynn Canal Counseling Services will be given an individual treatment plan. The treatment plan is created during a private assessment. This assessment is conducted upon entry to the program.

One thing intake nurses and clinical staff are looking for is if an individual is able to be treated at this facility. Lynn Canal Counseling Services only provides counseling services. There is no medical facility associated with this facility. Individuals who may need extensive medical care will be referred to a treatment facility that can handle these types of substance abuse issues.

Once it has been determined that an individual can benefit from the services provided by Lynn Canal Counseling Services, a treatment plan will be created. This treatment plan is individualized to meet your needs and can change as you progress through your treatment.

Counseling Services Offered by Lynn Canal Counseling Services

Counseling services offered by Lynn Canal Counseling Services are designed to help individuals who are suffering from a mental illness and/or a substance abuse problem. These services can be used as a form of treatment or by individuals who need help to maintain their sobriety after they leave another inpatient rehab center.

Lynn Canal Counseling Services has the clinical staff needed to offer a variety of counseling services. Individuals are able to attend individual counseling, couples counseling, family therapy, and group therapy.

Counseling services aren't just for the individual suffering from a substance abuse problem. Family and friends are welcome to use the services offered by Lynn Canal Counseling Services, too.

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