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Dr. Ralph Carson Ph.D.

Dr. Carson has been involved in the clinical treatment of addictions and eating disorders for over 35 years. His unique background in health science and medicine (BS Duke University, BHS Duke University Medical School) coupled with nutrition and exercise (BS Oakwood College, Ph.D. Auburn University) has prepared him to integrate neuropsychobiological intervention and proven psychotherapeutic treatment.

Dr. Carson honed his skills in communication and often-complicated science into enjoyable, practical and informative workshops. He has consulted with numerous addiction and eating disorder treatment centers throughout the country and is an in-demand speaker at conferences and workshops. Dr. Carson has also developed several eating disorder programs and corporate wellness programs. He is an active board member of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) and Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA). Working with Academy Medical Systems, he developed workshops for professional groups throughout the country on topics such as exercise therapy, sports nutrition and eating disorders. He authored several popular book on nutrition, lifestyle practices, good health and the brain: “Harnessing the Healing Power of Fruits” and the recently published “The Brain Fix: What’s the Matter with Your Gray Matter?”

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