What is holistic medicine, and is it effective for a drug rehab program?  Over the last 50 years, medical professionals have been researching and studying ways to “treat” addiction.

Presently drug and alcohol addiction is looked upon as an incurable medical disease which should be treated with drugs.  The typical treatment modality used today in most alcohol and drug rehabs is the 12 Step program.  The 12 Step philosophies hold that addiction is an incurable disease, once an addict always an addict and that relapse is part of recovery.  Though this philosophy has helped a few, statistically speaking it has failed for most people who are trying to overcome their addiction.

Over this past decade we have seen a growing interest in alternative medicine; more natural and alternative cures to our every day medical issues.  Addiction is one medical problem which many rehabs have found a “cure” for while keeping their programs natural and drug-free.   The type of programs that offer a cure for drug and alcohol addiction are non 12 step rehabs.  With years of research and testing we now know scientifically how to handle drug and alcohol addiction in a holistic setting.  A holistic drug rehab is the one of the most effective forms of rehabilitating an addicted individual.

Holistic drug rehabs that offer detoxification or a cellular cleanse to remove drug and alcohol metabolites from the tissues of the body are offering the first real step to recovery.  Once the holistic detox is complete, the next step is to address the underlying issues including the mental and emotional factors which caused the individual to turn to drugs and alcohol as a solution.  Cognitive counseling and life skills therapies are very effective forms of rehabilitative treatment in not only addressing the underlying issues but also in giving the person the tools to be successful in life.

Remember, just throwing drugs at a problem is not the solution.  Figuring out why a person uses drugs in the first place and then rehabilitating those issues in a holistic way is the most effective form of rehabilitation.

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