We tried just about everything for my daughter’s oxycontin addiction. The doctors had her on Methadone and eventually Suboxone but nothing kept her from using. This whole nightmare started after my husband (her father) had knee surgery and was prescribed the drug for pain management. He used only a few of the pills. She was already headed off the rails, and I noticed one afternoon while cleaning that the once-full bottle of oxycontin that lived in my bathroom cabinet was now down to just a few. Who knows how long it had been going on before we finally sat down with her and she admitted she needed help. I wish I could say this was the end of the story, but she flip flopped all the time… sometimes she needed us, and sometimes we were her enemy.

Things got worse. My 23 year old daughter was turning into a complete stranger. She didn’t come home most nights, and when she did it broke our hearts to see her. A few times we got her into different short-term programs (12 Step and such.) We went with her to meetings, we tried the prescription drug route, we tried it all. One night, in desperation, I went online in search of a program. I knew she needed something different, something comprehensive and something that would WORK. Our daughter was slipping away, and in place of her was a liar, a thief, a drug addict and God knows what else.

I must have called 20 different drug rehab centers and asked everyone a hundred questions each. I found every kind of rehab there is…expensive, free, religious, rapid opiate detox, etc., etc. I finally found this great holistic treatment program that made sense to me. They allowed her the time she needed to really recover, and they took up her addiction in pieces–mentally, physically, morally and ethically, spiritually, etc. She has her life back, and she has the tools to live a productive life now. I would recommend holistic treatment centers to families in any similar situation.

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