Using Social Media to Boost Your Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

When you are suffering from a debilitating addiction, it’s easy to feel alone, isolated, and frightened during recovery. However, with the emergence of social media has helped connect the world in ways never before imagined. And you can tap into these brand new resources to fuel your recovery and regain a life of sobriety.

The Widespread Nature Of Social Media

The impact social media has had on our society is staggering. A study from 2013 found that nearly two billion people around the world use social media. To put that into perspective, that’s over one-quarter of the planetary population. Social media has spread from being a youth-oriented concept to one that even the elderly have accepted.

While the rampant spread of social media has caused new concerns, such as cyber-bullying and social media addiction, it’s positive benefits have been incalculable. For example, people who briefly met in college can now have lifelong relationships. And even people on different sides of the world can meet and fall in love.

How This Can Help You

When you’re suffering from drug addiction, you need support and guidance to help you through recovery. The friends and family of your social media network can give you the helping hand you need, whether you’re trying to recover at home or attending an outpatient or an inpatient program.

For example, if you’re having a hard time dealing with withdrawal symptoms, you can contact a friend and have them come over. Or you can simply talk to them online for guidance and support. And if you’re in an inpatient rehab center, social media can also keep you connected with a virtual group of cheerleaders who always have your back.

But what if the most important people in your life have either turned their back on you? Social media can help you reconnect with new people, ones who are going through the same process as you. Various online rehabilitation groups are available for people who need help. These chat rooms and forums can create a new network of support or back up an active support group.

Guidelines On Social Media Use In Recovery

Whether recovering at home or in a rehab center, social media may be a distraction if used improperly. Thankfully, it’s easy to avoid these distractions and turn social media into a positive recovery force. The following guidelines should be followed whenever you try to use social media during recovery:

  • Follow your rehab center’s rules – if they say no social media, stick to it
  • Avoid negativity or name calling – only talk to people who you support and who support you
  • Try to limit yourself – spending more than 2-3 hours on social media per day has been shown to cause depression
  • Limit connection to or block people who use drugs – while they may be friends or family members, there’s a good chance they may fuel a relapse
  • Stay in touch with rehab friends online – create a group on your preferred social media site and add people and counselors you met in rehab
  • Don’t flood social media with content – too many posts can make it harder for your support group to break through the ones that really matter

These simple guidelines help streamline your use of social media and help you create a more positive and inspiring atmosphere for your recovery. It can also help isolate people who might want to contribute to a relapse, such as former dealers or people whom you’ve used with in the past.

Finding Medical Guidance Online

Another way that you can utilize social media to boost your recovery from drugs and alcohol is by tapping into the health realm. According to a study of doctors with Facebook profiles, almost 90% maintained an active and supporting presence. These doctors posted tips and suggestions, participated in discussions with patients, and even hosted forums designed to discuss important medical matters.

This network can help you quickly contact a doctor, should you suffer from any complications during your recovery. For example, if you are suffering from paranoia or confusion during an intense craving, you can simply message an addiction specialist to get the help you need.

And if you join an addiction forum, you’re likely to have access to a wide range of addiction specialists. They can give you free advice, suggestions, tips, and exercises that will challenge your addictive behaviors and give you a helping hand in a successful recovery.

Learning How To Master Social Media Recovery

If you have any more questions regarding social media and addiction recovery, please contact us at DrugRehab.orgWith patience and persistence, you can use social media alongside tested recovery techniques to fully beat your addiction. If you have any more questions regarding social media and addiction recovery, please contact us at to learn more. Our counselors will help you find a rehab center and a social media resource that can fuel your recovery success.