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10 Best Rehab Centers in Wyoming

As part of our series of the best rehab centers in each state in the country, we now turn to the best rehab centers in Wyoming. This list is unique in that several of the centers that have made the list are not, in fact, rehab centers but are rather locations for Alcoholics Anonymous. Such is the popularity and effectiveness of these locations that they needed to be included. Additionally, Wyoming is a state in which there are not as many rehab centers as are in other states, but regardless of that fact, the following rehab centers and meeting locations scored high across the board, even when compared with locations in other states. Without further ado, here are the best drug and alcohol rehab centers and meeting locations in Wyoming.

1. Alcoholics Anonymous, Rock Springs

Alcoholics Anonymous Rehab

The Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Rock Springs have the appearance of being a normal meeting place for AA-goers; it follows the traditional 12-step program, is free to those who wish to use it, and seeks to support anyone who has an interest in recovery from alcohol addiction. But this location seems to be a little more hospitable than most, and for that has made our list of best rehab centers in Wyoming.

2. Alcoholics Anonymous, Cody

Alcoholics Anonymous Rehab

“Meeting makers make it” is a popular slogan for AA meetings in general, but it seems to be especially true of the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Cody. This AA location scored high all across the board with the lowest score of 4/5 in effectiveness.

3. Cedar Mountain Center, Cody

Cedar Mountain Center, Cody Rehab

Set near the beautiful Yellowstone National Park, Cedar Mountain Center is a hospital-affiliated chemical dependency center whose goal it is to make recovery a rewarding and fulfilling accomplishment. The center bases it’s therapy on the 12-step method, Reality Therapy, and the Minnesota Model, which involves both professionals and recovering alcoholics or addicts.

4. Vocational Rehabilitation, Cheyenne

Vocational Rehabilitation, Cheyenne Rehab

The Vocational Rehabilitation center in Cheyenne seeks to help those struggling with mental or physical difficulties, including substance abuse, find and keep successful employment. Statistics show that for every dollar spent on Vocational Rehabilitation services, the client earns, on average, $11 back.

5. Foundations Drug Testing, LLC, Cheyenne

Foundations Drug Testing, LLC, Cheyenne Rehab

This drug testing service does more than just provide DOT and NON-DOT drug testing for Cheyenne’s businesses and courts; they are also a drug and alcohol rehab facility with counseling and therapy. They stress the importance of having a drug-free workplace and seek to help recovering addicts find successful employment.

6. Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc, Powell

Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc, Powell Rehab

Trinity Teen Solutions is a residential treatment center for girls. Its Christian-centered philosophy works with mental health and behavioral services to restore and build success in academics, life, and social skills in the lives of adolescent girls and young adult women. Among other kinds of therapy, they incorporate animal and wilderness therapy into their programs.

7. The Gathering Place, Sheridan

The Gathering Place, Sheridan Rehab

This residential treatment center offers substance abuse treatment to women, including women with dependent children. Women in treatment receive 30 hours per week of therapy and structured activities centered on recovery. The program also helps prepare women to receive their GEDs.

8. Alcoholics Anonymous, Gillette

Alcoholics Anonymous Rehab

There is a reason that this AA meeting place is the third on the list of the best rehab centers in Wyoming: it works. It, like traditional Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, is centered on the 12-step program, and those who attend are more equipped to lead sober lives.

9. Big Horn Mountain Recovery Center, LLC, Sheridan

Big Horn Mountain Recovery Center, LLC, Sheridan Rehab

Big Horn Mountain is a mental health and substance abuse treatment center with outpatient, residential short-term treatment, and residential long-term treatment care. They are especially successful in their treatment of people with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders.

10. Al-Anon, Urie

Al-Anon, Urie Rehab

This Al-Anon location in Urie follows the traditional structure of Al-Anon, and as such is a place for families and friends of alcoholics to come together and seek support and help, whether or not the alcoholic recognizes the existence of a problem. The meetings follow the 12-step program. This location is rated at a 4.5/5 overall.Contact us today and find out about the programs and support will work for you and discover a new and rewarding life free from addiction.

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