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Oxford Health Plans

Oxford Health Plans

While Oxford Health is a division of United Healthcare that is localized to coverage areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, many policy holders will find that their Oxford plans are transferable within United Healthcare’s networks in other states. The umbrella of United Healthcare can therefore provide insurance coverage within its various, and differing brands, giving patients and potential policy holders many options when it comes to selecting the best plan for their needs.

One such need as a policy holder or an insurance-seeking patient, is substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment. Oxford Health has a specified department for those seeking services within the category of Behavioral Health. Mental health treatment and services, as well as substance abuse treatment are among the department’s main focal points, making insurance coverage for problems such as dual diagnosis easily obtained.

United Healthcare as the overarching company maintains a scale for evaluating those in need of behavior health care services. This scale determines level of care in regard to medical necessity, psychiatric needs, substance abuse treatment needs, and more. Deemed necessary, services are covered under varying Oxford Health plans.

Oxford Health plans cater to those in need of treating their chemical dependency by attending to such common program attributes as detoxification, partial hospitalization, inpatient mental health care, residential substance abuse treatment, outpatient and intensive outpatient care, and medically-assisted recovery.

Prescription coverages vary with each plan, as do lengths of stay within residential centers. Some limits may apply to your treatment needs, but supplementary health-care can be sought through partnering insurance plans, such as Oxford Medicare Advantage.

With many options for treatment, Behavioral Health, a specific division of Oxford Health, may cover other critical therapies including intensive or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). These services have long been associated with positive addiction recovery results and are powerful tools for those seeking long-term sobriety.

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