I'm Drug Free
I Feel Great And Happy In My Recovery

I have done cocaine, meth and I used to smoke pot regularly and bath salts are the most intense drugs I have ever abused. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep and I would hallucinate often. I tried a different kind of bath salt one day after already being awake for several days without sleep. I decided to take some of the new kind and I snorted a few lines of it just as I normally would.

After about 15 minutes I started to panic, my heart began racing and I didn’t feel good, it wasn’t like the other times I got high from the Bath Salts. I began having the most terrifying hallucinations ever, even though I knew they were hallucinations they were so scary I actually started believing they were real. I felt crazy and out of control, I tried to tell myself I was keeping it together but when I look back on it I was definitely not. I ended up in the hospital, with a breathing tube and fully sedated.

I was in the hospital for 3 weeks – that was my third overdose and my addiction to bath salts was out of control. Eventually I made it into drug rehab, I kind of felt silly, being there for bath salts. I wasn’t in treatment for Heroin or Cocaine… but bath salts, I was almost embarrassed to be in treatment, I knew I was going to die, but yet, I was hesitant because I was afraid I wouldn’t seem hard core enough.

The staff and residents in the treatment center for bath salts made me feel so comfortable and at ease. In the end I felt a little silly for even worrying about it, I guess that was part of my treatment, accepting myself, who I was and being ready to make a change.

For more information about detox services call our rehab experts today.I know it has only been 6 months but I know I will never do Bath Salts or any drug for that matter. I am so happy! Thanks to my family for not abandoning me and thanks to the staff and clients in treatment, I could have never done it without you! I love you all.