Can Parents Force Their Child Into Drug Rehabilitation

A perpetual cycle of drug or alcohol use has caused a family to be disrupted. Addiction, which casts its snare on vulnerable and unsuspecting individuals—many of them young—has trapped an adolescent in your family, or a young person who you know and care about. However, that individual cannot see how destructive his or her drug use is. The addiction has the person seemingly blinded to how emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing that alcohol or drug use can be; and he or she does not comprehend that the addiction problem is also causing utter turmoil for loved ones. So, if the youth will not opt to receive treatment on his or her own, can parents force their child to be admitted into a drug rehab facility?

The Answer

Yes, a person under the age of 18 within the United States can be put into a drug rehab program without his or her permission. As long as a parent or guardian has legal custody and a right to protect that person, the parent is able to take drastic action, if necessary. With this said, would forcing a young person to do what parents decide is best be a good idea? The remainder of this article will convey information about how to best to approach drug treatment options for the person you care about, and here is what the process will involve:

  • Be informed about drug use among youth
  • Talk with an expert
  • Talk with your child

It’s Okay To Have Questions

Discovering crucial details about drug addiction, how to get treatment, and the type of drug and alcohol rehab centers that are available for a young person is a wise move to make. When seeking rehabilitation with a specific center in mind, it is valuable to understand the magnitude of the problem that is being tackled. Many people struggle with addiction worldwide, including teens.

Youth Drug Use

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) gathers information from surveys taken by 8th, 10th, and 12th graders and draws conclusions about young people’s perceptions of drugs and drug use. Although the NIDA notes that teens’ interest in drugs has waned in recent years, drug and alcohol use is still a detrimental problem among adolescents that should not be pushed aside. Many people of all ages struggle with an addiction to a drug or alcohol; addiction is now recognized as a disease that plagues many, it is not a problem that should be associated with shame and embarrassment. Addiction is a struggle that requires first-rate treatment, beginning with addressing the issue carefully and considerately.

Talk With The Child

You might remember what it is like to be a young person who sees the world through a limited number of experiences involving certain situations, environments, and people. In most cases teens really believe to know what is right for them, but that does not mean that you cannot appeal to a person’s thoughts. Talking to a young person respectfully and with great sensitivity to what he or she is going through is key to opening the door to good communication. Calm conversation helps to build a bridge even through the chaos that is threatening to divide a family. If conversations regarding drug rehab do not go as smoothly as planned, peace of mind can be achieved because you did not stifle the young person’s voice regarding the serious problem he or she is dealing with.

Get Help By Involving Experts

Although it is good to be informed, doing research on your own can be daunting. Therefore, it is extremely important that you set aside time to talk to a professional who can help direct your actions. There are experts available who deal with individuals and families that are seeking a form of drug or alcohol treatment for a loved one. Please do not carry a burden on your shoulders that can be easily alleviated by turning to effective, professional assistance. Drug addiction is a problem that should be given proper care.

Call To Action

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