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Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Centers

New Hampshire Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug RehabTreating an addiction in New Hampshire can result in a variety of concerns about the costs and expenses associated with the process. Even though it may be necessary for an individual to seek professional assistance with the recovery process, a treatment program can be hard to handle if it does not offer a sliding scale or a payment plan. Fortunately, there are solutions in the state that can make it easier to obtain treatment and start working toward personal recovery goals.

Programs in New Hampshire

The Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a variety of insurance solutions to help individuals who are trying to recover from substance abuse or other health concerns. Depending on the specific program, the details regarding coverage and the out-of-pocket expense associated with treatment can vary significantly.

There are Bronze and Silver programs available through the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in New Hampshire. Generally, the Bronze policies will have a lower monthly premium; however, the out-of-pocket maximum and costs can be higher when compared to the Silver policies. A Silver policy will usually have a lower deductible and a lower out-of-pocket expense, but it may cost more on a monthly basis. Depending on a personal budget and goals, the exact policy that is most appropriate for the needs of an individual can vary.

Seeking Addiction Treatment

Although the specific details regarding the costs and coverage associated with addiction treatment can vary between policies, the Blue Cross Blue Shield does offer some coverage to help with addiction recovery and rehab. Generally, an individual will be required to pay the deductible before he or she qualifies for any assistance with the costs of health care treatments. The deductible can vary between policies and individuals, but it is usually lower in a Silver plan.

After the deductible has been paid, the insurance will usually pay for a percentage of an in-patient rehab program and an out-patient rehab program. Otherwise, there may be a set co-pay that an individual is required to pay or it may be covered in full after the deductible has been paid. The exact details vary between policies, but most individuals will either have a co-pay or a percentage of the costs. The percentages can be as low as 10 percent of the costs, but the exact percentages vary. can assist with the process of finding the right Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policy to cover the costs of addiction treatment or assist with the recovery process.It is possible to seek treatment for an addiction without worrying about the costs of the treatment plan. can assist with the process of finding the right Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policy to cover the costs of addiction treatment or assist with the recovery process. It can also help individuals connect with an appropriate policy to address personal health concerns and goals.

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