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Iowa Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug RehabDrug dependency causes untold pain and suffering among Iowa individuals and families. Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act now makes it easier for Iowa residents to get health insurance so they better afford to conquer these serious issues once and for all.

Beginning with Bronze

ACA health insurance plans are grouped into tiers named after previous metals – specifically, Bronze, Silver and Gold. These tiers provide different degrees of coverage according to how high a premium you can pay or low high a deductible you choose. In the Bronze category, the Blue Rewards 5000 plan offers two possible deductibles; the “Tier 1” deductible is 5,000 ($10,000 for families) and the “Tier 2” deductible is $6,600 ($13,200 for families). While these deductibles might sound high, once you’ve met them you’re completely covered for any additional substance abuse treatment costs. (Another Bronze plan, the Blue Rewards 5000 with Supplemental Accident plan, offers the same deductibles and coverage plus a $500 accident benefit.)

Silver Savings

Advancing to the Silver level can drop your deductible dramatically. The Complete Blue 3000A, an HMO plan, offers deductible levels of $3,000 for individuals and $6,000 for families. Under this plan you’ll pay 30 percent co-insurance on your substance abuse rehab costs above and beyond the deductible. The Blue Rewards 1500 plan is a Silver PPO plan available in “Tier 1” or “Tier 2” options like the Blue Rewards 5000. Under the Tier 1 plan, you’ll have a deductible of $1,500 for individuals and $3,000 for families, along with a 30 percent co-insurance on your drug rehab. The Tier 2 plan doubles those deductible levels and raises the co-insurance level to 40 percent.

The Gold Standard

Gold plans generally provide the lowest deductibles at the highest premium levels, so you might do well to consider one for your substance abuse treatment expenses if you can manage it. If you’re looking for tax breaks as well as health insurance, consider the myBlue HSA 2000. This type of plan, which comes with a $2,000 deductible for individuals and a $4,000 deductible for families, works with a Health Savings Account to help you reduce your taxable income by the amount you pay in medical expenses. If you don’t need this feature, you might choose the Enhanced Blue 1500, a PPO plan that covers your substance abuse costs beyond a $1,500 deductible (or $3,000 for families) and 20 percent co-insurance.

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Contact if you'd like some help finding the right plan and place for your needs!Whether you end up going a Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan, you’ll find plenty of qualified facilities who will gladly accept your insurance. Contact if you’d like some help finding the right plan and place for your needs!

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