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Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Centers

Connecticut Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug RehabIndividuals and families struggling with substance abuse in Connecticut will be gratified to know about the many Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance options available to them. The Affordable Care Act makes health insurance attainable for many people who would otherwise be unable to receive coverage due to financial constraints and/or pre-existing conditions. These plans offer the same types and degrees of coverage for substance abuse issues that you expect to find in many pricier private plans.

Where to Start makes its health plans searchable by state, but it sends Connecticut applicants to the state marketplace, AccessHealthCT. Once you’ve entered your county, number of persons to be covered and income data, you’ll see a list of Connecticut plans you can choose from, including Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. Depending on the coverage limits you require (and the amount you’re willing to pay), you may choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold tiers of health insurance to cover drug and alcohol rehab treatment.

Bronze Tier

The Blue Cross Blue Shield plans available through tend to vary in exactly what kinds of coverage they provide for substance abuse care. The Bronze PPO Standard Pathway X for HSA, for instance, includes a zero co-payment for in-network substance abuse office treatment after the deductible has been met, or a 50 percent co-insurance for out-of-network care. By contrast, the Bronze HMO Pathway X Enhanced requires a $500 co-pay after you’ve met your deductible, and out-of-network treatment isn’t available under this plan.

Silver Tier

If you can pay a higher premium, you can enjoy a lower deductible through the The Silver PPO Pathway X plan. This plan waives the co-insurance on the first three outpatient office visits if you’re in-network, with a $40 co-pay per visit. You’ll pay $500 per inpatient visit once you’ve met your deductible.

Gold Tier

If you want to keep your deductible low, go for a Gold plan. The Gold PPO Standard Pathway X, for instance, gives you a deductible of just $1000. Substance abuse office visits have a $20 post-deductible co-pay; in-house treatment includes a $500 daily co-pay, up to $1,000 per admission, once your deductible has been met.

Contact for help locating the Connecticut Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage you need to overcome your substance abuse!Your premium will depend on the household information you submit when conducting your search, while those who must cover dependents will receive different different deductible limits than those only seeking individual coverage.

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Contact for help locating the Connecticut Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage you need to overcome your substance abuse.

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