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How To Stop Enabling A Drug-Addicted Loved One

How To Stop Enabling A Drug-Addicted Loved One

We won’t all come to realize how we handicap the ones we love. The ways in which we contribute to situations that are already bad may be hard to see when all we want is the best for those we care for. It is tough, therefore, to accept that something that we see as helpful can be very harmful for those who struggle with drug addiction. Those we love who are held captive by drugs have the unfortunate detriment of existing but not quite living; this meaning that the brain is addled by drugs in... Read more

Drug Addiction Help for Family Members

Drug Addiction Help For Family Members

Finding out that a loved one is struggling with drug addiction stirs up worries, pain, guilt, and other emotions that seem very difficult to deal with in such hard times. Knowing that there are ways in which you and other family members can learn about addiction and help your loved one can make the family stronger while emotions are running high. Within a family that has a member with the disease of addiction, it is imperative to always hold onto the idea that love has no boundaries. Though you... Read more

The Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs In America

The Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs In America

One of the largest drug abuse epidemics in America stems from over-prescription of medications, the theft and sale of prescription drugs, and the problematic use of medications not belonging to oneself, but to one who shares the same household. These medications fall under categories with derivatives contributing to the makeup of other illicit drugs, such as heroin, which makes it clear that regardless of a doctor’s prescription or an FDA approval, medications ARE drugs and are often addicting. The... Read more

Tools For Success: Latter Recovery

Tools For Success Latter Recovery

Life gets easier as the world turns. Challenges and obstacles that once seemed to work against us seem to transform over time, sometimes being so far from thought that they disappear into oblivion completely. And as we replace bad habits with new and positive routines, those obstacles and challenges feel laughable in nature as we wonder why they ever were so difficult. Life in recovery is very much the same. Recovery lasts forever; addiction is a disease that we never truly get over, we are merely... Read more

Tools For Success: Mid-Course Recovery

Tools For Success Mid-Course Recovery-01

You’ve really gone far in your sobriety. You’ve broken past the walls that kept you corralled within your declining lifestyle and built new foundations to stand proudly upon. Your life has truly changed for the better and your achievements have come to you because you made all of the right decisions for yourself. Knowing you kept up with the responsibilities that come with sobriety, you don’t want to slip up and find yourself back at square one. Dedication is something to dote... Read more

Trusting Yourself To Date After Rehab

Trusting Yourself To Date After Rehab-01

Getting through the trying time that is drug rehabilitation speaks volumes to your dedication and abilities. It may have been more difficult than you’d expected and the withdrawal process is likely something you’d want to never dwell on again. But—being that you’ve started a new life—you may be ready to let love in and find out how great life can be sober, happy, and moving toward a future with a mate. Dating can be fun and exciting now that your mind is clear and you have... Read more

Tools For Success: Early Sobriety

Tools For Success Early Sobriety-01

The easy part is over and now it’s time to toughen up and be ready for true bravery as you venture out into the world as a recently recovered person. Being alone in your recovery doesn’t mean that you won’t receive any support emotionally or otherwise, rather it means that your decisions will be officially back in your own hands without the constant guidance of professionals. Those who helped you begin your journey to sobriety aren’t far away and will be there to help you... Read more

Life Without Drugs: Natural Highs

Life Without Drugs-01

Just as a drug’s disguised euphoria can seep its way into our minds and damage our lives, so too can it emerge in ways that raise our lives higher than they ever were. Getting high through drug use means taking an abundance of risks that more often than not end up destroying us as people. Every use of an illicit drug, abused legal drug, and alcoholic beverage has its consequences. It is, however, to be known that a life without drugs has fewer consequences and better highs. As we navigate... Read more

Sober Summer Fun

Sober Summer Fun

As the days begin to heat up and people start to flock the streets at night in search of the best watering hole, there are those of us who would fare better elsewhere. Alcohol seems to flow endlessly at summer parties and events with drugs certainly not far behind in popularity; buddies relax on hot summer days grilling burgers and chipping in for cases of beer. And though we aren’t all suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, many a summer event is accompanied by alcohol, some others... Read more

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