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Life gets easier as the world turns. Challenges and obstacles that once seemed to work against us seem to transform over time, sometimes being so far from thought that they disappear into oblivion completely. And as we replace bad habits with new and positive routines, those obstacles and challenges feel laughable in nature as we wonder why they ever were so difficult. Life in recovery is very much the same.

Recovery lasts forever; addiction is a disease that we never truly get over, we are merely in remission as the drugs loosen their hold on our lives. Being in this state of everlasting recovery does not mean that we are always at the same level of sobriety as we were when the drugs first left our bodies. We may be on this ride forever, but the ride gets easier and each loop around the track becomes more fun and less of a worry.

Your pass into the latter stages of recovery don’t have much to do with age. You may feel the most confident in your ability to stick with recovery when you’re fifty, but that feeling and that security that you instill in yourself may also come when you’re thirty. Nobody shares the same path, so it isn’t worth reaching for some distant, arbitrary date and assuming you’ll be “done” then. You’re never done, you’re just better. But better can be sooner than you ever thought if you stick with what you knew while keeping your life strong and secure from here on out.

Coming To Terms:

This life is full of problems and hitches that take all of us out sometimes. Getting beyond what keeps you down is admirable, to say the least. While you wade through all of the bad and get to the easiest stage in your recovery, be ready to look in your rear view mirror at what your life once was. You’re now in a place of strength and making note of your past can only be more empowering to you while you sit rightfully atop your throne of pride. That pride should never go away, though it should come with a certain humbled spirit and thankfulness for the life you almost didn’t have.

Your past and all that kept you down is long gone. That image that reflects in your mirror should never leave you entirely, but it is god to keep your strength by knowing what you had and being reminded of what you never have to have as a part of your life again. You are no longer dependent on drugs. They do not rule your life, nor do they seem to affect your thoughts. When was the last time you even thought about drugs at all? If you still attend meetings or therapy sessions, drugs may be spoken of regularly, but at this stage in your life, they’re a distant memory. The memory may turn your stomach from time to time, but you should smile at how little of an influence it has on you. No cravings, no missing it. With your mind so clear after so very long, you can see what a wonderful life is and what a nightmare it was before.

Remember: Don’t lose sight of the past; it will only help strengthen your heart and sharpen your mind as you look to the future.

Telling Your Story:

You are certainly not the only person who has ever gone through drug addiction and recovered to tell the tale. Your story is one that you’re probably ready to share. Don’t think of telling your tale as glorifying drug use. Letting people know what you went through and how you survived and broke out of the prison you were once in can be extremely helpful to them. Not only can you share your story with those currently suffering the disease of addiction, but you can also be vocal about your past with those who may succumb to the power of drugs in the future. Empowering others before drugs even enter their life could be a real positive point in yours. You may even encourage some who are currently struggling to seek inpatient treatment in order to reach the point that you’re at and find happiness once again.

Sharing your past can also be beneficial to those who may have suffered as a direct result of your addiction. Your family and friends are not without the pain that your addiction gave them, even if it was long ago. At some point in your recovery, you may be ready to open up your heart to those loved ones whom you hurt, allowing for them to understand what you were going through and how sorry you are for what it caused in their lives. Your story is yours to tell and maybe its easier to be quiet about the past and just carry on, but letting the truth be known can help mend hearts that were broken and perhaps never truly healed.

Remember: Others who suffer like you did could use your help and wisdom, while at home, your family could use some love, some closure, and a final apology.

Staying Strong And Being Happy:

More than you were able to before, you are now equipped with a confidence that is meant to last you the rest of your days. You know you cannot change what once plagued your life, but you can stick to your plans and continue being a good, recovered person every single day. The tides will continue to change in your life with new challenges and heartaches that may seem impossible, but you should always think about all that you’ve been through as you’ve battled your disease. Your struggles have been long and hard and at this stage in your life, you know better than anyone that giving up or leaving your path would be cowardly and destructive.

This life that you’ve been granted is filled with freedom from the prison of drugs and happiness in knowing that the world gave you a chance and held onto you before letting you go. Your life is about living instead of surviving and knowing in your heart that drugs aren’t fun, that life takes you higher, and that nothing you knew before compares with the knowledge and truth that you now hold. Strength is built over the years and you may now be stronger than you realize. Your life should be about the strength, the pride, and the happiness you feel in being able to say that you are in recovery, sober and proud.

Remember: Stay strong in life, and if you ever feel weak, think of the prison sentence you once were living out and the freedom you’ll now have forever.

Today’s Tomorrow

If you ever find yourself or a loved one in need of help, contact for help in finding happiness once again.Today is not just about now, nor is about all of the days that led up to its beginning. Your today is about tomorrow and every moment after that until long after you’re gone. You’ll continue to affect those who were once around you even after your final day, as they will continue to be happy that you conquered your struggle and shared the tale with the loved ones who needed it most. If you ever find yourself or a loved one in need of help, contact for help in finding happiness once again.