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Sober Summer Fun RebrandAs the days begin to heat up and people start to flock the streets at night in search of the best watering hole, there are those of us who would fare better elsewhere. Alcohol seems to flow endlessly at summer parties and events with drugs certainly not far behind in popularity; buddies relax on hot summer days grilling burgers and chipping in for cases of beer. And though we aren’t all suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, many a summer event is accompanied by alcohol, some others by a meandering bong and can therefore pose a threat to the life of a recovering addict. Keeping in mind the fact that maintaining sobriety is difficult while summer fun is on the rise, it is more than important to find new activities and social scenes to join in order to stay true to recovery.

Having Friends In All The Right Places

It seems in recent years that formerly innocent activities have been neatly paired with alcohol consumption that to some can appear unavoidable. It is, however, key to always remember that most of these activities took flight as sober affairs and can therefore be experienced in such a way by anyone. It is equally important to make note of the friends and loved ones in our lives who are ready to be in full support of sober fun. Being around heavy drinking or drug use is never for the benefit of an addict in recovery. Even after the beginning years of recovery are long gone, seeing others binge drink or delve into drug use can continue to be disheartening for those who know all too well the potential harm that can be done.

Sticking with those who can kick back with nothing but a cream soda in hand is step one for sober fun. Step two is navigating through the onslaught of overtly alcohol and drug-related events and finding the even bigger mass of sober scenes to perfectly complete your summer.

Sticking To Your Sober Guns

Here are some summer activities to take pride in adding to your list that are beyond fun without any drug or alcohol accompaniment:

1. Drive-In Movies and Picnics
There will never be anything as simply wholesome as spreading out a blanket and enjoying a new release or a classic throwback on big-screen projection. Common across the US, drive-ins tend to offer double features, meaning that you get to watch two films back-to-back on one screen. Bringing food to these theaters is usually just fine and coming equipped with comfy lawn chairs can make the night even better.

For a relaxing day in the sun, anyone can enjoy a home made meal out of doors. Set up your picnic basket at the beach or at a state park where there are usually barbeques provided for public use.

2. Biking, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Zip Lining, 4-Wheeling, Kayaking, Sailing, Horseback Riding
We may not all be sports enthusiasts, but the more you dwell on one of these activities, the more you’ll find you want to try each of them at least once. Boating is a go-to summer pastime, but this year, give it a spin by renting a kayak or jumping aboard with a sailing crew. Biking through the mountains or flying through trails on an ATV could also end up being your thing, but for those who’d rather sit back and relax, hold tight and touch the tree tops while zip lining, or mosey through a meadow on the back of a riding horse.

3. Laser Tag, Paintball, Mini Golf, Go-carts, Arcade
If you have a group of friends ready for some childish fun, get them together and book a day at a paintball field. For something less strenuous, do a local search for an activity or entertainment center and you’ll usually find something that hosts mini golf, arcade games, go-carts, bungee jumping, and even batting cages. All of these things draw us back to just being a kid and are therefore excellent adventures to partake in while holding strong to recovery.

4. Water Parks, Theme Parks, National Parks And Monuments
Whether you’re up for some wild fun or would rather take a tour of the most brilliant places on Earth, there are big time parks for you! Niagara Falls, Walt Disney World, and Yellow Stone National Park are all among the best alcohol and drug-free ventures that you should knock off of your bucket list this year. Climb the highest trails of the Appalachians, ride in the first car of the Millennium Force, or take a boat under the falls. This kind of summer fun is for those who want to really experience life.

5. Zoo, Conservatory, Fishing Tour
Up next is simple fun. Cities often have their own zoos, petting farms, or similar events that come around in he summer months. Taking a day to see the animals, watch a farm at work, or even smell exotic flowers at a conservatory could be right up your alley. Want something even more hands-on? For those of us near a lake or the ocean, fishing boat tours usually don’t cost much and can end up being fun for family and friends who don’t normally do their own fishing. Boats usually head out to the best fishing spots and set up each passenger with the right equipment to catch fish, lobster, and even crab in some areas.

More summer fun ideas include:

  • Renaissance festivals
  • Historic reenactments
  • Art fairs
  • Beach walks
  • Classic music festivals
  • Lighthouse lookouts
  • River boat tours
  • Outdoor plays and amphitheater events
  • Book fairs
  • Film festivals
  • Garden parties
  • Skydiving
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Vacation by rail
  • Ghost hunting adventures
  • Going to the circus
  • 4-H fairs

Get Some More Ideas For Summer Fun!

Contact today for more help finding sober activities to fill your summer and for any information on help getting is here for the purpose of helping you. Making sure your summer is drug and alcohol free is important to us! Contact today for more help finding sober activities to fill your summer and for any information on help getting sober.

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