How does a parent handle and accept the fact that a child you have raised and taken good care of is addicted to drugs?

For me that was the toughest part to go through.  Once you can admit and accept this to yourself you are on the way to helping your child.

A parent never wants to thinks this can happen to them and their family, but it does everyday.  Society spins so much glamour to our young — drinking, recreational drugs and hard partying.  They make it seem as if it is their right of passage.

After accepting all these sad and horrible realities the next and most important step is finding the best facility to help your child.

We first tired an outpatient rehab.  But that was unsuccessful.  I had heard of so many unsuccessful stories of people with addictions and the rehabs they attended.  Many attended 21 or 30 day programs and after being home for awhile relapsed.  This is not what I wanted for my son.  After researching rehabs on the internet I found a non-12 step program.  Their method of recovery seemed to make so much sense to me.  A person that has an addiction needs more than the 21 or 30 days.  This type of rehab program provides structure, individual responsibility, awareness of ethical choices and so much more.

Eight years later he is well and happy.  He has been married to a wonderful person for three years.  We have our son back.  Thank you.

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