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What happens when someone goes into a drug rehab center? Most people have misconceptions based on what they read or watch on TV. The fact is that most rehab centers have the same goals, but deliver their services differently. Most rehab centers are open units, meaning they do not lock you in or prevent you from leaving. A person must be willing to accept treatment for recovery to work. It’s important for that person to be there of their own free will.

Stage 1: Detox

Rehab CenterOften the first stage of recovery from an addiction is called detoxification, or “detox” for short. This phase helps to flush the chemicals from the body, reducing the side effects and craving for the substance. It’s important that the person is able to focus on their rehab to be successful. If they are constantly distracted by the chemical craving, rehab is ineffective. Detox also helps to make sure that the person is not at risk to harm themselves or others in the rehab center. Many rehab centers require a person go through detox before entering the center. Detox typically lasts from 5 to 7 days.

The drug rehab center can vary from a rural camp-like setting to an almost luxury resort setting. It’s important that the person going into rehab feels comfortable in their surroundings. The person doesn’t need distractions that might prevent them from focusing on the rehab program. A big component of a drug rehab program is education. Learning about the addiction, the underlying causes, the resulting behaviors, and the impact on the person and their circle of friends and family is critical for recovery. In order for a person to change their behavior toward drugs, they must change their attitude, and this comes through education.

The Need for a Rehab Center

Most people with a drug addiction express denial about the seriousness of their situation and may not place a lot of importance on changing their behaviors. Education about what the chemicals are doing to their body, how it affects their behavior, and what to expect if they continue is helpful in allowing the person to take responsibility for their treatment.

A person in rehab will get personalized counseling from a doctor or therapist. There will also be opportunities to do work in group settings. Both types of counseling are important. It may be uncomfortable initially to talk about problems in a group, but everyone attending is there to change their addictive behaviors. This gives the person the chance to socialize with others on a similar path. Because an addiction will often cause friends and family to retreat from the individual, the group setting is a way to reverse the isolation.

The Importance of Support

There will also be the opportunity to have family meetings. This is a way to include family, and sometimes friends, in the treatment process. In these meetings, friends and family learn about the addiction mechanism and how they can support the person in rehab. They also learn about the impact of the addiction on their lives and are helped to deal with their own wounds. Since close friends and family become a post-rehab support group for the individual, family meetings are a very important component of the process. A high-quality drug rehab center will have an extensive aftercare program. This gives the person a support channel once they have left the rehab center. It may provide meetings that the person can attend, inpatient groups, weekly monitoring, and perhaps the opportunity to mentor new people just entering rehab. Becoming familiar with how a drug rehab center works before a friend or loved one reaches the point in their lives where they need to be in one is a good way to prepare to support them.

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