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Payment Assistance Available

Primary Focus of Provider

SA Substance abuse treatment services
MH Mental health services
MH-SA Mix of mental health and substance abuse services
GH General health services

Services Provided

TX Substance abuse treatment
DT Detoxification
MM Methadone maintenance (facility may also use buprenorphine in maintenance)
DM Methadone detoxification (facility may also use buprenorphine in detoxification)
BU Buprenorphine used in treatment
HH Halfway house

Type of Care

HI Hospital inpatient
OP Outpatient
PH Partial hospitalization/day treatment
RS Residential short-term treatment (30 days or less)
RL Residential long-term treatment (more than 30 days)

Special Programs/Groups Offered

AD Adolescents
CO Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders
HV Persons with HIV/AIDS
GL Gays and Lesbians
SE Seniors/older adults
PW Pregnant/postpartum women
WN Women
MN Men
BC Residential beds for clients’ children
DU DUI/DWI offenders
CJ Criminal justice clients

Forms of Payment Accepted

SF Self payment
MD Medicaid
MC Medicare
SI State Financed (other than Medicaid)
PI Private health insurance
MI Military Insurance (e.g.VA, TRICARE)
AR Access to Recovery voucher
SS Sliding fee scale (Fee is based on income and other factors)
PA Payment assistance (Check with facility for details)

Special Language Services

AH ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired
SP Spanish

Key To Special Language Services

NOTE: Treatment facilities displaying language codes reported that staff counselors provide treatment in those languages. In addition, many facilities bring in on-call interpreters for any language, as needed. Contact the individual facility for specific information.

Language Assistance – American Indian and Alaska Native Languages

Key Language Key Language Key Language Key Language
N2 Apache N12 Hochunk N50 Muskogee N32 Shoshoni
N48 Arikara N13 Hopi N23 Navajo N33 Tewa
N4 Cherokee N14 Hualapai N24 Ojibwa N49 Tiwa
N6 Choctaw N15 Inupiat N26 Ottawa N35 Tohono O’Odham
N7 Cocopah N16 Keres N27 Paiute N37 Ute
N8 Cree N18 Lakota N28 Passamaquoddy N40 Yupik
N42 Haida N46 Micmac N29 Pima N41 Zuni
N47 Hidatsa N22 Mohawk N30 Salish

Language Assistance – Other Languages

Key Language Key Language Key Language Key Language
F110 Akan F25 Farsi F109 Krio F74 Serbian/Croatian
F3 Amharic F27 Finnish F48 Lao F107 Shona
F4 Arabic F28 French F99 Lithuanian F75 Slavic
F5 Armenian F103 Garifuna F52 Macedonian F76 Slovak
F6 Assyrian F30 German F53 Malay F104 Somali
F8 Belarusan F31 Greek F55 Maltese SP Spanish
F9 Bengali F33 Gujurati F56 Mandarin F112 Sunda
F10 Bosnian F106 Guyanese Creole F57 Micronesian F79 Swahili
F11 Bulgarian F34 Hawaiian F58 Mien F80 Swedish
F12 Burmese F35 Hebrew F60 Mongolian F81 Tagalog
F105 Cebuano F36 Hindi F62 Nigerian F85 Telugu
F15 Chaldean F37 Hmong F63 Norwegian F86 Thai
F16 Chamorro F38 Hungarian F64 Palauan F87 Tongan
F17 Chinese F39 Igbo F65 Panjabi F89 Ukrainian
F18 Chuukese F40 Ilocano F66 Polish F91 Urdu
F19 Creole F41 Indonesian F67 Portuguese F92 Vietnamese
F20 Croatian F42 Italian F69 Romanian F94 Yapese
F22 Danish F43 Japanese F70 Russian
F23 Dutch F44 Khmer F71 Samoan
F102 Edo F47 Korean F73 Serbian