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Here at, we have earned the reputation as the Internet’s primary website for helping you find the appropriate assistance for yourself or your loved one to overcome substance dependency and avoid a relapse. The key is to find the best treatment available for your needs, with a focus on recovery and maintenance of a substance-free lifestyle.

We know you will find the help you need through our valuable resources, comprehensive information, and reliable networking with rehab centers throughout the nation. It is your choice whether to take the steps today to stop suffering from your alcohol or drug dependency, or to allow the torture of addiction to continue to control your life.

We understand that your cravings for the substance feeding your addiction often win the battle. But exists to help you find the assistance you are striving to obtain. It is possible to be completely cured of your addiction. We have trained, professional addiction counselors standing by to help you locate the nearest alcohol and drug rehab centers in your area. Call us today at 888-957-3422 to begin your journey toward wellness and freedom from addiction.

How We Can Help You is a site dedicated to addicted individuals, along with the family members and friends. Our primary goal is saving the lives of people afflicted by alcohol or drug addiction. We strive to maintain the most current and complete information on alcohol and drug addiction, rehab, and recovery. Here are some of the valuable resources we offer on our site:

  • Rehab Centers – Complete contact information, alcohol and drug addiction statistics, and treatment options listed by state and city.
  • Nearly 20 Treatment Types – In detail, complete with explanations about why they are important, how they can help, and the types of facilities that commonly provide each type of treatment. Some examples of treatment types include drug detox centers, dual diagnosis, holistic, luxury, residential, men or women only, or wilderness.
  • Comprehensive Resources – Providing information on such topics as the cost of rehab and how to pay for it, effects of addiction or alcoholism on the family, the dangerous effects of drugs on the brain, the three stages of addiction, and details about several types of drugs that are most commonly abused, including their physiological and psychological effects.
  • Blog – Featuring breaking news and strategies related to drug addiction, rehab, and breakthrough treatments.
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Our site is open to your comments and questions, and we are ready and willing to assist you in any manner we possibly can. Our drug treatment specialists and rehab consultation specialists are available 24/7 at 888-957-3422 to help you. We recognize the urgency of your needs and can find the best alcohol and drug rehab available for you. We look forward to serving you today and helping you take the first step toward your addiction-free life.

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