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Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance For Drug Rehab

Harvard Pilgirm Health Insurance for Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is a problem that can completely derail a person’s life and permanently alter their life. Thankfully, Harvard Pilgrim health insurance is more than ready to help you treat this painful condition. They offer a wide range of coverage options that will help you pay for and finish the difficult process of rehabilitation.

Coverage Through Harvard Pilgrim

Harvard Pilgrim primarily covers drug addiction through United Behavioral Health. Thanks to Obamacare and the Mental Health Parity Act, all insurance companies and policies must provide some form of coverage for substance abuse treatment. And since substance abuse is classified as a mental and behavioral condition, it falls under the United Behavioral Health umbrella.

This network is designed to provide you access to a wide range of specialists that can help treat your substance abuse concerns. Depending on your policy, you will have access to specialists such as:

  • Detoxification experts
  • Medical doctors
  • Psychiatrists or psychologists
  • Holistic treatment specialists

Other benefits you can expect with United Behavioral Health include access to behavioral analysis experts, mental health counseling, marriage therapy, family therapy, individual counseling, group processes, child-care specialists, and even social workers.

Covered Services

Harvard Pilgrim coverage favors treatments that utilize scientific and evidence-based concepts (such as detoxification). Coverage of alternative treatments is less complete, but procedures like massage and acupuncture therapy are often covered in smaller amounts.

Understand that United Behavioral Health does have a few access limitations. Non-emergency coverage is generally limited to 25 visits per year. However, higher valued plans will allow more visits. It should be noted that medically-necessary emergency treatments are not limited.

For example, Harvard Pilgrim will cover treatments for overdoses, as these treatments prevent death. Remember: addiction services that are absolutely necessary to your health and well being are almost always fully covered.

Finding Out-Of-Network Coverage

Many Harvard Pilgrim insurance plans are PPO, which means you can utilize any doctor that you want and still receive coverage. However, you will save money should you decide to utilize a in-network provider, i.e. someone who belongs to the United Behavioral Health network. This differs from HMO policies that limit your service coverage to a specific geographical area.

How much more will rehabilitation services cost should you utilize an out-of-network provider? That all depends on your coverage. For example, some policies will cover 80% of all in-network rehabilitation services, but only 60% of out-of-network services. Why would you want to go to an out-of-network provider? Certain types of addiction specialists may not be available in your network, meaning you have to travel to receive care.

For example, let’s say you want to attend a wilderness rehab center. These centers, while increasingly popular, are not yet widely available in many health networks. Your PPO insurance will still cover it, but at much lower levels. However, PPO considerations aren’t always geographical. Coverage centers in your hometown may lie outside of your coverage network, while one in another state may be in-network.

Craving To Quit

If you are struggling to quit smoking tobacco (or fear it fuels other substance abuse problems), Harvard Pilgrim offers its users a 25% discount on the Smartphone app “Craving to Quit.” This program includes daily videos, addiction advice, craving-buster exercises, connection with a diverse social network, mindfulness training, and a “cigarette counter” that helps you keep track of the money you’ve saved since quitting.

This 21-day program is not unique to Harvard Pilgrim users, but the discount makes it an attractive option. In fact, the offered addiction advice is useful beyond combating addiction to tobacco. Anyone who is interested in Harvard Pilgrim health insurance for addiction should consider checking out this app and the discount.

Choosing The Right Insurance Provider For You

If you need help changing mental patterns that cause you to substance abuse, contact us today.Harvard Pilgrim should be able to provide you with the kind of insurance coverage you need to get the addiction care you deserve. However, if you have any more questions or simply need help locating a center near you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at today.