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Substance Abuse and Addiction in Titusville and Florida

The abuse of drugs or alcohol can raise concerns for many individuals, particularly if the person who is addicted to a substance is a loved one. City Data reports that Titusville, Florida is a large and growing urban area with almost 44,000 residents. Due to the large population, it is not surprising that the crime rates are higher than the national average. Since almost 9 percent of Florida residents abuse drugs or alcohol, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are crimes that are related to addictions and substance abuse. Fortunately, Titusville does have a treatment program that can help with the recovery process.

Titusville Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

ACT Center Inc is an intensive out-patient program that offers solutions to help with recovery goals and plans. As an out-patient program, it works around a personal schedule and work schedule so that the treatment plan does not require an individual to give up personal obligations. It can also work around concerns related to child care and family obligations. Since it is an intensive program, individuals will have several counseling sessions and treatments throughout the week to assist with recovery and provide the tools to avoid drugs or alcohol in the future.

Payment And Treatment

Although ACT Center Inc does require self-payment for services, it accepts most forms of private insurance. It will only charge for services after the insurance has paid for the amount. Co-payment and the percentage of treatment that is covered by an insurance provider may vary, so the cost of treatment can depend on several factors. Individuals can seek treatment for most addictions, including addictions to prescription medications, alcohol and illicit substances. The treatment plan will vary based on the substance that is abused, the duration of an addiction and the complications that may contribute to the substance abuse.

Getting Drug Treatment in Titusville

There are several factors that may contribute to the abuse of a substance. Fortunately, there are also treatment solutions that can help with the recovery process so that it is possible to enjoy a drug-free lifestyle. The key is to find a treatment program that addresses personal needs and goals. Treatment isn't far away. Contact today and get yourself into a life of recovery.

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