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Within the state of Florida, people are searching for drug abuse treatment to free themselves from the effects of their addictions as they can return to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Currently, there are 617 facilities available in Florida, as you or your loved one can locate the closest center in your city to seek treatment in a caring environment. If you are located in Orange City, the Insights Counseling Center provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation therapy for adults of all ages.

Substance Abuse Counseling in Orange City

Substance abuse can happen to adults of any age. It can also affect people in different ways. Some people may need extensive rehabilitation treatment for a long-term addiction while others have formed a recent dependency to prescription medications. The Insights Counseling Center offers drug and alcohol treatment as an adult outpatient therapy session. They provide group meetings, one-on-one sessions and sessions where you can gain support from family and friends. By providing such diverse treatment services, you or your loved one can select the session that better fits into your needs and lifestyle. You can feel comfortable at the meeting getting the support from counselors and family as you are encouraged to successfully complete the program.

You may have been court-ordered to seek alcohol treatment. The Insights Counseling Center provides alcohol dependency and treatment for DUI offenders and people who are on probation. With caring and understanding, the counselors never judge you by your past. They concentrate on the bright future that lies ahead for you where you will no longer have a drug or alcohol dependency.

Services For Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange City

As an outpatient program, people will undergo an evaluation so the counselors at Insights Counseling Center can create a comprehensive treatment program for you. The treatment generally runs for about 12 weeks up to 20 weeks depending on your addiction or dependency needs. They also provide outpatient treatment for Spanish speakers on Saturdays. If you have a co-occurring mental disorder, they also provide counseling and therapy for men, women, families and Veterans.

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There is help available for people who are suffering from drug dependency or addiction. Let guide you to the right facility for yourself or a loved one who suffers from substance abuse. Our counselors will help you locate a facility in Orange City immediately as you can get the right treatment.

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