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Centers, Inc. Adult Outpatient Services Facility

Residents in the Ocala area have many options available to them regarding drug and substance abuse treatment. One of the high quality facilities operating in the area is called the Centers, Inc. Adult Outpatient Services facility, located at 4620 East Silver Springs Boulevard, Suite 40.

As a provider of substance abuse treatment services, this particular center specializes in outpatient drug rehab and intensive outpatient drug rehab. Holistic residential treatment is also an option and can include such techniques as therapeutic recovery, homeopathic treatment and other alternative options.

Centers, Inc. Adult Residential Services Facility

Another major facility operating in the area is the Centers, Inc. Adult Residential Services facility, located at 5664 SW 60th Avenue. This facility offers a mixture of both metal health and substance abuse services to clients.

Residential long term inpatient drug rehab is available in periods ranging from 60 to 120 days. Holistic residential treatment is also available, which includes a number of different options that are all designed to be viable alternatives to traditional 12-step recovery programs.

Dual diagnosis drug rehab is also available, which allows professionals in the facility to treat co-occurring disorders.

Comprehensive Addictions TreatmentServices

Another major option for Ocala residents is the Comprehensive Addictions Treatment Services, Inc. facility, which is also commonly known as CATS. It is located at 730 SE Osceola Avenue. In addition to all the traditional drug rehabilitation services that one would expect, this facility also offers drug detox in the form of both medical detoxification and suboxone treatment testing.

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