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Harbor City Counseling Center

Residents of the Melbourne city area have access to a few different high quality drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers to choose from in their time of need. The first is the Harbor City Counseling Center, located at 129 West Hibiscus Boulevard, Suite R. It was designed to act as a substance abuse treatment services provider, offering both intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient drug rehab care.

The facility offers rehabilitation treatment against a wide range of prescription drugs like Morphine, Vicodin, Darvacet, Fentanyl, Valium, Adderall, Strattera, Ambien and more. Treatment for heroin, crack, opiates, marijuana and other types of substances is also available.

Riverside Counseling Services, LLC

The second major facility in the area is called the Riverside Counseling Services, LLC Center. It is located at 6767 North Wickham Road, Suite 401. It offers a mixture of both substance abuse and mental health services in both intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient drug rehab capacities.

One of the most notable aspects about this particular facility is that an income-based sliding fee scale is available. As its name suggests, the total amount of money a person is asked to pay for treatment is adjusted based on their income and a variety of other socioeconomic factors.

Western Judicial Services, Inc.

The final major facility in the area is called the Western Judicial Services, Inc. Center located at 1600 Sarno Road, Suite 110. In addition to traditional intensive outpatient and regular outpatient drug rehabilitation, it also acts as a provider of services for other types of substance abuse treatment. Treatment against prescription drugs, heroin, opiates, marijuana and more are all available to those in need.

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