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Margate Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

There is no single treatment plan that can help you find sobriety. Every individual is unique and therefore treatment plans for a substance abuse problem will vary. Challenges Addiction Treatment Center, located in Margate, Florida, aims to create an individual treatment plan that will help people successfully overcome a current substance abuse problem.

Goal Is To Successfully Treat Medically Stabilized Adults

The first step to sobriety is admitting that you have a problem. Challenges has made it their goal to help any individual overcome their substance abuse problem. There are programs available to help with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, behavioral issues, and mental illnesses.

Some available programs at Challenges include:

  • Long-term residential rehabilitation
  • Short-term residential rehabilitation
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Outpatient counseling, group, individual, and family

Challenges will accept anyone over the age of 18 who is considered medically stabilized. If a patient needs to undergo a detox process before entering the program, the staff at Challenges can recommend a partner detox facility that can help. The patient will undergo a detox process and can come back to Challenges for their rehabilitation.

Chronic Relapse Programs

Relapse is all a part of having a substance abuse problem, but some people suffer from chronic relapses. These individuals have already proven that conventional treatment does not work for them. Challenges may be able to help.

Challenges has a chronic relapse program that is specifically designed for patients who do not respond to traditional conventional treatment. Patients that enter this type of program will work closely with clinical and medical staff members to create a treatment plan that works. The treatment plan can include any of the following: counseling services, cogitative behavioral therapy, neuro-feedback, and 12-Step programs.

Help Transitioning Back Into The Community

Many individuals succeed while they are in treatment, but once they enter back into the community they struggle to stay sober. Challenges wants its patients to succeed once they complete treatment. There are a number of resources available to help patients successfully transition back into the community.

One of the options is a transitional living structure sober living option. This program allows patients to live in a structured environment without the strict guidelines and rules of a residential program. Patients in this program learn to live independently and stay sober. Challenges also works with several employee assistance programs. These programs are designed to help patients learn valuable life/career skills that can help them find employment after staying in a residential rehabilitation center.

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