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Destin Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

Narconon Gulf Coast Inc.

Destin has a single rehab center, Narconon Gulf Coast, Inc. Here the primary focus for rehab treatment is for substance abuse. The various substances covered by this treatment include prescription drugs that include but are not limited to Adderall, Valium, Xanax, Vicodin, Morphine, Ambien and DXM (cough syrup). Other substances that are included for the treatments offered by Narconon Gulf Coast, Inc. include methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, MDMA, and opiates. Patients are treated with inpatient care for stay periods of 60, 90, or 120 days. The care is long-term residential treatment. As this type of treatment is considered private and a luxury, self-payment is accepted in the form of cash, credit, money order or personal check. Additionally, insurance covering this care is widely varied and includes Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Medical Mutual, and NGS Coresource, but is not limited to these agencies.

Substance Abuse and Addiction in Destin

Destin has a population estimate of 13,264 as of 2013. This city is a popular tourist city that is located along the northwestern coast of Florida. It is in proximity of Panama City, which is notorious for being the world's largest party city for college spring break. However, Destin itself is more of a high-end, luxurious vacation spot. As such, there is limited data regarding substance abuse facts in Destin. Yet it can be presumed that popular party drugs, such as MDMA and cocaine, as well as marijuana and alcohol, are likely to be abused by those who frequent this city for vacation. While data is not provided regarding those living in Destin who are struggling with substance abuse addiction, the majority of issues are likely to be occurring with individuals who are from other parts of the state, region or nation who come to Destin to escape and unwind while using substances.

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