According to recent reports the “Batman shooter” James Holmes was under the influence of prescription drugs when he murdered 12 people and injured 58 during a screening of the Dark Knight. The incident, coming on the heels a steady stream of similar attacks were also committed by drug users taking various kinds of prescription medications.

They are the same drugs that have killed many big names, celebrities, musicians and artists across the country. Many of these famous people are getting them from their doctor or peers.
Reports now indicate that James Holmes was under the influence of the prescription drug Vicoden; one of the most widely abused painkillers on the market. This was also one of the drugs that took the life of Heath Ledger who played the role of the Joker in the previous Batman movie.

Vicoden is one brand name for the drug Hydrocodone which is a prescription opioid. Many people find themselves addicted to Vicoden and either begin purchasing it off the street or by illegally doctor shopping. These prescription painkillers are distributed legally after surgery or if a person is suffering from large amounts of pain. Vicoden can be deadly if mixed with alcohol.

Like all prescription drugs it alters the mood and behavior of the individual. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse the drugs can cause paranoia and anxiety in users if taken in high doses. Perhaps they contributed to a full psychotic break, but given that his genetics/brain chemistry might also play a role, the causation is not yet determined.
Right now more than 8 million people are taking prescriptions non-medically in the country with the average cost to society at $52.8 billion every year.

For more information on this growing problem contact us today or fill out our form to speak with an addiction counselor.As more and more is found out about this tragic incident and the man behind it, a real picture is painted on just how dangerous prescription drugs can be. If you are struggling with prescription drug addiction or Vicoden, quality help is available. has helped thousands of addicted individuals find the right treatment. This shooting though tragic, might shed some light on how dangerous these drugs are. Not just the effects it has on the body physically, but what it does to the brain and drastically alter the thought process.

For more information on this growing problem contact us today or fill out our form to speak with an addiction counselor.