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North Dakota Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug RehabSubstance abuse can not only wreak havoc on your family and yourself, but it can also stand in the way of getting the very help you need and want. That’s because it is one of pre-existing conditions that typically causes applicants for private health insurance to be turned away. Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act has take a big step toward reversing that problem by extending coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. North Dakota residents will find that they have several ACA health insurance options to choose from, including attractive plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Bronze Tier

These health plans are categorized by tiers. Bronze plans tend to offer the lowest premiums, but also the highest deductibles. Gold plans are the opposite, offering extremely low deductibles at the cost of relatively high premium payments. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota · BlueDirect 100 6300 plan is a typical Bronze plan. A single, non-smoking 40-year-old applicant with a household income of $40,000 would have an estimated deductible of $6,300 under this plan. Once that deductible is met, however, there’s no further charge for either inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment. Another Bronze plan, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota · BlueDirect 70 4250 plan, offers a somewhat lower deductible but asks you to pay 30 percent co-insurance after meeting your deductible.

Silver Tier

Silver BCBS plans are also available to North Dakota residents. One such plan, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota · BlueDirect 80 2300 plan, comes with an estimated deductible of $2,300 and calls for a 20 percent co-insurance payment after meeting the deductible for substance abuse treatment. Another Silver plan, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota · BlueDirect 70 1500, offers an even lower deductible of $1,500, but requires 30 percent co-insurance payments beyond the deductible.

Gold Tier

If you can afford high enough premiums to push your deductible down to minimal levels, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota · BlueCare 70 400 is a Gold plan with a deductible of just $400. You’d pay 30 percent co-insurance on your inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment under this plan. If you can handle a $1,400 deductible instead, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota · BlueDirect 90 1400 (another Gold plan) will lower that co-insurance obligation to a mere 10 percent after meeting your deductible.

Contact for more information!The sheer range of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans available to North Dakota residents allows you to choose the option that makes the most sense for your monthly budget and anticipated rehab costs. Contact for more information!

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